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Our services team is dedicated to your marketing success. Our in house experts are ready to dive in and help you get the maximum value from Emma and drive the best possible results for your business. Below, you’ll find a list of our popular services. We also build custom packages tailored to virtually any of your business needs!

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Get better results through smarter marketing

Content Workshop

Learn the latest email best practices and how to create engaging emails that stand out in your audience’s inbox.


List Segmentation

Work with our email experts to organize your list into dynamic segments to ensure you’re getting the right message in front of the right people.


Performance Workshop

Take a deep dive into your account to optimize your results. We’ll develop a custom strategy for sending engaging and effective emails, segmenting your audience, automating emails and growing and maintaining the health of your list.


Email Creation

Our creative geniuses will use best practices to create an effective, stylish and easy-to-read email using your content.

Starting at $99

List Import

We’ll build or update your email audience, including custom fields, using your Excel or CSV files.


Automation Suite

Our strategists will map out and implement effective automation workflows for your onboarding, engagement and lead nurturing email series. And we’ll train your team in the process.


Dynamic Social Strategy

Work with a marketing expert to diversify your email strategy and incorporate dynamic social media content feeds that add excitement and social proof to your email.


Dynamic Content Suite

Our team of experts will create a custom strategy to send tailored, targeted and relevant emails to your subscribers. We’ll also set up reusable Dynamic Content code, and train your team to take over the reins.

Custom quoted


Stand out in the inbox with engaging design

Custom Template

Work one-on-one with an Emma designer to create a custom template from scratch that matches your brand and stands out in the inbox.


HTML Coding

Our HTML/CSS gurus will take your email design and code a flexible, mobile-optimized template.

starting at $149

One-off Email Design

Share your content, design vision and campaign goals with us, and an Emma designer will craft a single-purpose, send-ready email that gets results.


Content Element Design

Increase your audience’s engagement by pairing up with an Emma designer each month to craft unique, high-quality, visual content tailored to your brand and message.

$199 - $999/month


Connect your customer data directly to Emma

Salesforce Integration

Our integration experts will connect your Salesforce.com account to Emma for seamless, two-way data syncing and powerful reports.


Custom Integration

Our technical wizards will spec, quote, design and code a custom Emma integration with your web site, CRM or other online business data hub.

Custom quoted

Advanced API Support

An engineer will work with your developer to troubleshoot or debug your API calls.



Learn the ins-and-outs of Emma’s features

Team Training

Our experts will train your team to get the absolute best results from your Emma account. We’ll design and deliver a training package that fits your unique needs, including anything from basic editor usage all the way up to advanced Dynamic Content and Automation implementation.

starting at $199

Template Coding Kickstart

Our production designers will code and install a custom mobile-optimized email template within Template Builder, and then guide your team through the template code and best practices. For an additional $249, we’ll also deliver a personalized, narrated video to use as an evergreen training resource.


HTML/CSS Support

Our production design experts will solve your team’s advanced HTML/CSS challenges with template coding assistance, troubleshooting and testing for your Template Builder designs.


Automation Training

Get personalized automation training and a walkthrough of best practices and tips for you and your team.


Dynamic Content Training

Learn how to use Emma’s Advanced Dynamic Content feature to give each subscriber a personalized experience in the inbox, all with just one email.


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