Five things you should know about Emma.

Culled from an initial list of 127 (you’re welcome).

At Emma, we're out to create a world-class brand that's known and loved by marketers, designers and business owners everywhere. And we're well on our way, supporting the email marketing efforts of roughly 40,000 businesses, nonprofits and agencies doing all sorts of interesting things in all sorts of interesting places, assuming Belgium makes your list of interesting places, and why wouldn't it?

  1. The initial (beta) version of Emma launched in 2003 from a couple of desks we bartered a website redesign for. In the beginning, the idea was simple: make email marketing technology more accessible to small businesses through a simple interface, stellar design and great customer service.
  2. There is no actual Emma here, though we have an Emily, an Erin and a Jerry. The name "Emma" (beyond being a handy abbreviation for email marketing) speaks to our goal of making the web-based experience more approachable and more personable. Emma has an inherently human quality to it, after all. It's a real name — like Antoinette or Frederick, only shorter.
  3. We have offices in a variety of cities, like Nashville, Austin, New York, Portland and others, in support of organizations all over the English-speaking world. So if you're curious as to whether or not Emma supports clients in a certain place, simply ask yourself whether or not they speak English there. The U.S.? Naturally. The UK? Yep. Canada? You betcha. Australia? Check. Luxemburg? Not sure. Botswana? Um, we'll have to get back to you. Kiribati? Look, what is this, some kind of geography test?
  4. Emma has consistently been recognized as both a fast-growing company (think Inc. 500/5000 multiple times) and a great place to work (think great-place-to-work-plaques beginning to clutter the plaque display wall). To be honest, we're more proud of the latter. After all, great work starts with great people. Or is it great beer? We forget, but we're always on the lookout for great people to join our ranks and drink our great beer.
  5. We're always trying to make Emma the product, service, company, team and brand better. That work, and the accompanying story, continues indefinitely. Turns out the story is part drama, part comedy, occasionally musical, and definitely a thriller. Hopefully it does not star Jean-Claude Van Damme. Or maybe it does.

The Emma Team

Emma has more than 40,000 customers today, but our first was Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre. They gave us feedback on an early Emma prototype, earning free Emma service forever and our undying adoration.
Over the years, we’ve built a team of talented folks. In fact, they're so talented that a mere day job cannot contain their talents, which is why there’s an Annual Emma Talent Show that always seems to involve headbands.
New stuff is always in the works, including a new home for our Nashville office, a historic pair of trolley barns in Nashville’s fast-growing SoBro district. You know it’s cool because it has one of those mashup names, or MaNas.
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