Fall 2017

Emma Guide to Personal


Like the fashion world, email marketing is all sexy, all the time. Ultra-revealing A/B split test results! Deliverability scandals! And, of course, this fall’s most anticipated reality television event, America’s Next Top HTML Designer.

At Emma, we’re celebrating this completely natural and not-at-all ridiculous similarity with our very own fashion spread, which will probably not be all that helpful in terms of actual fashion but will inspire you to create more effective email campaigns that show off your brand.

After all, the style you bring to your email newsletters and campaigns can make a huge difference in how your customers engage with your organization, love your content and boost your bottom line. And, hey, that is a little sexy, isn’t it?



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If your outfit held the secrets of great email strategy

So, how do the basics of great personal style fall right in line with the building blocks of a great email marketing program? We're about to show you, and it involves a bra.

Finding the perfect fit: segment your audience. A tailor makes a good suit look great. In the world of email, you're that tailor for your content, sizing up your audience, sharing messages they'll love and deftly not poking them with straight pins. Create small segments based on geography, response history or anything else you know, so it's easy to get the right message to the right person. See how the Atlanta Falcons segment their fans >

A good foundation:
Build a permission-based list. If you want to push up your response rates and be supportive of email’s best practices, you will ignore these rather unrefined bra puns and instead focus on building your email list the right way, emailing people who’ve asked to hear from you. It’s a critical foundation for successful email marketing, and it’ll make everything else you do more, ahem, seamless. (Sorry, had to.) Learn more about opt-in lists >

A bit of daring:
Aim for big goals. It’s easy to wear what’s comfortable, particularly when what’s comfortable involves an elastic waistband and a t-shirt from the Reagan administration. But great fashion means occasionally pushing your boundaries and choosing pieces with daring – heels a bit too high, colors a bit too loud. Bring the same moxie to your email marketing and challenge yourself to try new things and set big goals. Read our tips for higher response rates >

Investing in quality:
Go for great brand design. Send emails with quality design, and people will engage more with your content and brand. Carry a bag with quality design, and people won’t mock you when your purse rips, scattering its contents and revealing to the world your Pez addiction. Hypothetically speaking, of course. Anyhoo, forgo cookie-cutter email templates for quality design and thoughtful layouts. Explore Emma’s design options >

The statement piece:
Craft a compelling subject line. Add vodka, and your email inbox is pretty much a cocktail party — just as crazy and full of people demanding attention. A statement piece helps you attract that attention, and that’s exactly the idea behind a great, attention- grabbing subject line. Divulge just enough information to get noticed, but don’t give everything away. Get Emma’s 10-step subject line tutorial >

Email features disguised as accessories

Once you've got the basics working together, it's time to add the extras that make things interesting. In the world of email, there are lots of features to accessorize with. Consider this your guide to those features, as well as your permission to go ahead and rock that bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

Social media integration:
Something to talk about. A bold accessory makes a statement and gets people talking. If the same thing is true for your email content, your subscribers will talk about your content on Twitter and Facebook, especially when you share your newsletters with your own social networks. Those sharing and publishing tools are built into Emma, with tracking that helps you see just how popular you are. More tips for sharing your emails on social media >

Like it was made just for you. With email personalization, you can customize information for each individual on your list automatically. Go beyond a simple first-name greeting and personalize with company name, the month someone joined or anything else you know. It's all about recognizing that your subscribers are more than just names you're emailing. They're people you're having a converstation with. Get ideas for personalizing your emails >

Split testing:
Two options are better than one. Yes, there is an email equivalent of the reversible belt, and it's split testing, which lets you try two versions of one email and see which one performs better. Learning what subject line, headline or image your audience prefers is an easy way to keep your results up. Much like a belt is an easy way to keep your pants up. The comparisons are endless, really. Emma customers: sign up to be the first to try subject line split testing >

Timing is everything. Autoresponders help you send email automatically on your subscribers' schedules, so welcome notes reach new subscribers right away and birthday coupons arrive automatically. You're delivering email when your customers are most likely to read it, which means you're delivering a more personal experience, too. If you could also deliver us a few reubens at lunch while you're at it, that'd be great. See how Mountaineers books drives sales with triggers >

Return on investment:
A good place to put your money. Of all the direct marketing channels, email offers the best value, bringing in $41 for every dollar you spend. It's inexpensive, it's effective and services like Emma make the tools accessible for everybody. And just so we're clear on the wallet comparison, email marketing is not an effective way for you to store your sub punch cards and ticket stub from that Chumbawamba concert in '98. Compare email's ROI to other channels >

Segmentation tools:
The right look for the occasion. You can't wear the same tie to every occasion, nor can you send the same content to everybody on your list. That's why email segmentation (and tie sales) are handy. Divide your readers into smaller groups – say, customers & prospects, men & women, active & inactive readers – and tailor the content accordingly. If your results are in line with MarketingSherpa's research, expect a 20% boost in your clickthrough rate. Try segmenting based on customer lifecycle >

Let’s pretend email templates are blazers

With a little style (and perhaps the occasional fedora), one great basic – the blazer – transforms into stunning looks for four unique people. We’ve taken the same approach with Emma’s free email templates. See four different looks side by side and find your style.

Meet the basics.

A classic wardrobe staple + a readymade email template from our design collection

Start by adding your logo, your contact information and a tagline.

Add, remove and rearrange content on the fly with Emma's drag & drop editor.

Coordinate text styles for headlines, body copy & captions, and edit images with filters to match your overall look.

Change the colors of select areas to match your brand colors exactly.