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Email marketing’s smartest toolset

Connect your data, build your audience, and create your most successful email program ever.

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Powerful automation made easy

With Emma Automation, reaching the right people with the right message at just the right time is a breeze.

More on Automation

Unlimited groups, unlimited segments, unlimited precision

Power highly targeted campaigns using Emma Audience to organize and manage your subscriber data.

Dynamic Content: one email, countless possibilities

Dynamic content lets you deliver unique content to each subscriber, all from one email. It’s ultimate personalization at scale.

A world-class content editing experience

Our creative tools keep you focused on great content, not waist deep in help documentation. And hey, they’re pretty fun to use, too.

Customizable email templates

Mobile responsive design

  • Lightbox forms in action

    See how fashion retailer Luv Aj is getting amazing results using Emma to convert site visitors into subscribers, and ultimately, into loyal customers.

    See how they did it
  • Lightbox Forms can be programmed to appear exactly when and where you want them.

    To convert more site visitors into subscribers, Luv Aj implemented a Lightbox Form and more than tripled their email list.

  • Luv Aj automated a welcome email that converted a whopping 21% of those new subscribers into paying customers.

    Emma’s automation tools make personalized, lifecycle messaging like this a breeze.

  • Luv Aj used powerful tools to provide a fantastic subscriber experience and drive big business results. And with Emma, powerful tools aren’t complicated.

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Beautiful insights into what’s working

Yep, insights can be beautiful. Emma’s response results are easy on the eyes and give you clear next steps

Response Dashboard

Emma’s precise, insightful reporting helps you learn about your audience and use your data to get better results every time you send an email.

Mailing Score

We created a new metric to make it easier to see email performance at a glance, share your results and benchmark against past mailings.

Click Map

We’ll show you where people are clicking within the context of your actual email (on both desktop and mobile) so you can see what content works best.

Get insights on the go with Metric, our free mobile app

Metric notifies you as results start rolling in, organizes sent campaigns on a leaderboard and lets you easily share successes with your team.

Build your email list from
anywhere with Emma Guestbook

Banish signup legal pads, clipboards and that fishbowl full of business cards for good. Emma Guestbook lets you collect email subscribers easily and in style, even when you're not online.

Smart integrations that simplify (and amplify) your marketing

Emma integrates with smart technologies to keep your audience data in sync and your results on the rise. Check out some of our featured partners.

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