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Making the most of hashtags in social media

Why your social strategy should be more than "Put a hashtag on it"

Have you noticed all the buzz around hashtags recently?

You're used to seeing 'em on Twitter, G+ and Instagram. They pop up on the screen when you're watching your favorite TV show (read: Shark Tank) or the commericals that air in between contestants' business pitches to the sharks. (We're still talking about Shark Tank, right?)

Take a look at your own social feeds. Some people – and brands – embrace hashtags, while others avoid them altogether. Whether you love them or hate them, it seems like hashtags are here to stay. 

And to help you make the most of them, I've outlined a few tips and considerations for your hashtag use.

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With Emma, you're in good company. Meet our Customers.

The easiest way to use social media to boost your ROI

Sometimes it's all about responding when your name is called

When savvy shopper W. Mark Whitlock took to the Twittersphere earlier this week, he had a goal in mind: Find out if he's partnering with the right email service provider.

That's something that you see pretty often on social media, and asking for advice on Twitter is a great way to get recommendations from peers. It's also a great way to feel out brands that take great care of customers over social media.

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Instagram: Mobile-first, but not mobile-only

Three staffers weigh in on the new-to-desktop social app

In such a mobile world, where everyone wants to convert their web-based software to a mobile app, Instagram is the only example in recent memory where users pined for a desktop version of the beloved mobile app.

And now those piners pine no more. Instagram profiles are here!

But now I’m wondering: Has Instagram become a full-fledged social network? Is that what spurred the cry for a web app, or is it just that we expect content to be delivered through every available channel?

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Employee handbooks, social media fears and those extra-mile moments

Our thoughts on noteworthy customer service posts from around the web

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that we tweet resonant articles and blog posts that we're reading every day. We’ve rounded up some pieces below that we think are noteworthy and added our two cents. Here’s how we see employee training, social media avenues and personal interactions have helped our story:

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Care to share the email marketing campaigns that land in your inbox?

Emma staffers explain when & why they share emails with their social networks

I imagine you don't know this about me, but I've got a soft spot for furry four-legged critters. So every time that I get an email marketing campaign (like this one) full of cute, adoptable dogs, you can count on it being something that I share with every social network that I'm on.

Extra special email campaigns and causes seem to rise up, grow a pair of legs and earn a new life outside of the inbox.

The inclination to share hits everyone differently, so I spoke with four of Emma's social-savvy staffers to find out what makes them click the share button. Read on to see if you can spot a trend or two.

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