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How a click map helps you send better email

Ever use a click map? Simply put, it shows you at a glance which links in your email are getting the most clicks.

In Emma’s click map, for instance, the larger the circle, the more clicks there were on that link. And if you hover over a circle, you can see the exact number of unique clicks on that link.

The coolest part? You can toggle between desktop and mobile views to see how your subscribers engage with your email on different devices. Are most people clicking on images or text links? Video or the CTA button? The click map quickly surfaces that information

Here some important things you can learn from a click map, along with some ways you can use that data to create smarter email campaigns moving forward.

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Introducing our all-new Segment Builder

We're excited to introduce our all-new Segment Builder — super easy to use and it's packed with features that’ll help you send more targeted mailings and drive better results.

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Sharper images for sharper emails

To optimize for retina displays and eliminate blurry images, we’ve taken the "2X" approach to rendering images in email. Here's a look at how it works and what it means for you. 

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Metric and Guestbook: Better, faster, stronger

We’re happy to announce that both of our mobile apps are new and improved: Guestbook v1.2 and Metric v1.2 are now available for download! Here’s our three favorite things about each one.

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Two of your most requested new features are here!

Today, we’re super excited to announce the release of the two most-requested new features for our clients who manage multiple sub accounts: a drag & drop template builder and shared campaigns.

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New feature! Easier importing with Audience Connect

Sync contacts between services in just a few clicks

It’s a new release day! The best part of a new release day (other than the full parade down Broadway, fireworks displays and tailor-made Springsteen anthem to commemorate the occasion) is that we get to share something we’ve been working on behind the scenes that will make your marketing life better. And today, that means Audience Connect.

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How we used dynamic content to announce Dynamic Content

One of the best parts about releasing new features like Dynamic Content to our customers is that now WE get to use them ourselves! Selfish, I know, but we're marketers, too, so this stuff gets us excited. And what better way to try out Dynamic Content than to use it in the actual email announcing its release? Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we created the email, including the full step-by-step creation process so you can see just how easy it is.

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Announcing Dynamic Content, powered by Emma

Dynamic Content is a powerful new feature from Emma that allows you to send unique, personalized content to each one of your subscribers based on the data you store about them — all from a single email. Here's how it works.

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Announcing Dynamic Content for tiered Emma accounts

Dynamic Content is a powerful new feature from Emma that allows your accounts to send unique, personalized content to each one of their subscribers based on the data they store about them — all from a single email. Here's how it works.

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How to use Lightbox Forms the right way to capture more emails

Despite the anxiety surrounding lightbox forms, they’re really like any other marketing method: Use it badly, you’ll produce bad results. Use it well, you’ll produce great ones.

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