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The best holiday email marketing: Stats

For this week’s edition of our holiday marketing series, we gathered the most impactful stats we could find about where, when, and how buyers shopped in 2015.

The verdict? The 2015 holiday season was huge for retailers (with email marketing a major focal point), and this year is set to be even bigger. Scan through the stats and use them to inform your strategy these next few months – when your own big numbers start rolling in, you’ll be happy you did!

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Ask Logan: Coding for DPI Scaling in Outlook

Preparing for the worst in email design: Outlook 120 DPI

For those who may not have the 411 on this (as I'm assured youths somewhere still say), Outlook 120 DPI is what happens when Outlook tries to evolve with growing technology – in this case, high pixel density screens.

It's a Windows accessibility setting, and with it enabled, Outlook converts any pixel values that aren't HTML attributes to points and then scales those up. This means your CSS-defined sizes are scaling up while your HTML sizes are staying put, so your lovingly-crafted email designs are scaling up unevenly and breaking.

It's like that awkward and mismatched 6th-grade class photo all over again, with some lucky kids hitting the puberty lottery and looming over the rest of us with their wispy mustaches and cracking voices.

Thankfully, our emails can all hit Outlook 120 DPI puberty together with a few straightforward steps.

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15 stats that will make you rethink your email automation strategy

Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re only doing the most basic email automation (e.g. automating a welcome email, thank you messages, a birthday greeting), it’s high time you take it to the next level.

Don’t get me wrong – those types of emails are great, and they’ll do wonders for boosting your customer loyalty, so please keep sending them. But to stay competitive, you need to be automating based on your customers’ behavior both inside and outside the inbox. These 15 stats show why automating a welcome email and leaving it at that simply isn’t enough anymore.

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How to get your subscribers to help you grow your email list

When the average email list churns 25-30% year-over-year, finding ways to keep yours on the uptick can feel like an impossible task.

You don’t want to be too intrusive or annoy your casual website visitors by asking them to sign up over and over again. At the same time, you know that someone inviting you into their inbox propels them way further down the path to conversion – plus, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to nurture them into repeat customers. So what do you do?

Leverage the audience you already have! One of the great things about your current subscribers is that they’re already connected with other, like-minded individuals who might be interested in your brand. So by involving your audience in your list growth efforts, you won’t just attract new subscribers – you’ll attract the right kind of subscribers.

Not sure where to start? Here are four simple ways to leverage your current audience and grow your email list like never before.

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Ask Logan: What should designers know about Gmail’s updates?

You may have recently seen an announcement from Gmail promising better emails tailored for all your devices. Here’s what that means.

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3 risky tactics to try in your next email

The best email marketing? It isn’t for the faint of heart, guys.

Sure, sticking to tried-and-true strategies is a popular (and safe) choice. But sometimes, it’s worth taking a big risk for the chance to reap some even bigger rewards. If you’re feeling courageous, here are three risky – but potentially rewarding – strategies to try out in your next campaign.

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4 reasons people aren’t engaging with your email

As an email marketer, chances are good you’ve been here before: You fire off a campaign, the results roll in, your open rates are on par with (or even above) industry averages… but your click rates are dismal.

Since the whole point of your email is to encourage action, it’s a problem marketers everywhere are desperate to solve, stat. But never fear – nine times out of ten, poor engagement can be tied to one of these culprits. Here are four common reasons your audience might not be clicking on your email, plus some actionable tips you can use to boost your click rates for good.

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You asked, he answered: 5 expert marketing tips from Jay Baer

Last week, we hosted a live Q&A with the one and only Jay Baer (leader of Convince & Convert, highly sought-after keynote speaker, author of several best-selling books, and yes, certified barbecue judge). Those 60 minutes were completely jam-packed full of wisdom and actionable advice you won’t want to miss, so hop on over here to check out the full recording when you get the chance.

But for those looking for a quick dose of inspiration, here were some of the questions we received from attendees, along with the expert advice Jay dished out. Enjoy!

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