ALS ice bucket challenge accepted! [video]

Our friends at Qualifacts challenged Emma CEO Clint Smith and 10 employees to take the ALS ice bucket challenge. We love a challenge.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

How marketing channels are like the stages of a relationship

A conversation with Jamie and Christopher from the Fifth P of Marketing

During our most recent webinar, The Fifth P of Marketing, VP of Sales Christopher Lester and Events Manager Jamie Bradley held a lively conversation where they introduced the idea that your various marketing channels are like the stages at the start of a relationship. So, we asked them to explain a little more about what they meant here on the blog.

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How we use Emma’s templates to connect with fellow staffers

Ever wonder how we use Emma at Emma? If you’re a customer, you’ve likely seen our marketing messages, customer surveys and other public-facing emails — but one of the benefits of working here is that we can all use our Emma accounts to communicate with one another. Take a look below for a peek at how staffers use the readymade templates in the template gallery and the power of the drag & drop editor to create our own beautiful, internal-only (’til now!) messages.

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Announcing the Emma spring tour

Rocking inboxes in a city near you

The Emma crew will be busy this spring hosting events in Nashville and taking the email marketing show on the road. TIckets are selling fast, but we totally know a guy who knows a guy who can hook you up with backstage passes. Here is a list of our upcoming tour dates, so come see us, won't you?

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Battle of Nashville: Emma vs. Paramore

A fierce ping-pong competition results in a big win for charity

That rumbling you may have heard in Nashville wasn’t thunder or an earthquake. It was the sound of two titans of table tennis, the Emma Table Tennis Association (ETTA) and Paramore Ping-Pong League (3PL), clashing in a ping-pong paddle battle for the ages.

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How social media + email drives sales

What we're talking about around Emma

A hot topic around the Emma office this week was the recent Kissmetrics article that analyzed the challenge of using social media channels to convert people into paying customers.

We like to talk around Emma. A lot. We had way too many opinions to fit in the area around our office water cooler, so they spilled over into the blog.

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How to start a new business in just a few days

Meet two Emma developers on the StartupBus to SXSW

A couple of Emma developers are taking the longest route possible to SXSW Interactive.

Jason Bynum and Roxanne Spielvogel boarded the StartupBus last week, and they’re rolling into Austin today. Along the way, they teamed up with other developers on the bus and formed their own startup, TrustVino. They’re officially “buspreneurs,” according to

StartupBus, which was founded in 2010 by Elias Bizannes, is touted as “the most intense startup competition in the world.” Talented developers and entrepreneurial-types apply to hop on the bus, and once they’re there, participants break off into teams and, you know, create a company. No big deal.

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How Emma customers make classrooms better

An update on giving back efforts

You may not realize this, but every new Emma customer is making a difference in our country's classrooms.

For a few years now, Emma has been donating $5 for every account a new customer activates with us. And at the end of each quarter, Emma staffers add up the totals and hand-pick projects from classrooms across the country to fulfill. It's just one of the ways Emma gives back, and it’s been nothing short of rewarding.

Since we couldn't pull off something like dream granting without our customers, we wanted to share the very best part of the experience with you. Here are some heart-warming notes we received from teachers’ whose classrooms have benefited from our financial donations:

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Emma Social recap: The Bye-Bye New Year’s Resolution edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

Did you know today is the most common day for people to abandon their 2014 resolutions and get back business as usual? If you're one of the few still holding on by a thread, cheers to you! Keep it up, you resolved individual, you. And if you fell off the resolution wagon, no worries. There's always next year. While you wait for the next 11 months to pass, have a look at the best in social from this past week. 


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