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How to achieve brainiac status when it comes to your email’s images

Read our five tips now, and follow the blog for more details all March long

Choosing and editing compelling images is a crucial step in creating engaging email marketing. In Emma's Brainiac Guide to Images in Email, you'll find five practical tips for making the most of your email's visuals. Follow The Emma Blog all March long for more detailed advice on crafting great images, including real-world examples, expert interview and videos.

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With Emma, you're in good company. Meet our Customers.

Subject line split testing is here!

And we're challenging you to a subject line showdown.

Now in Emma, you can test up to three subject lines, and then let us automatically send the winning version to your whole list. With the launch of our latest feature, we're challenging you to a Split Test Showdown to see if you can spot the winning subject line from a few tests we and our customers have tried. Play the game at

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What’s new at Emma

A roundup of recent articles, tutorials and happenings

We're here to help you on your way to email marketing greatness, and we'd like to share a few of the new articles and tutorials we've created in the last few weeks.

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Get inspired: effective emails created in our new editor

Spot the new features (& old stand-bys) our customers are using to make great emails

We're pretty excited about our brand new content editor and email template gallery (have ya noticed?), and we're even more excited to see how our customers are using the editor's shiny new features to create stunning email campaigns. I rounded up a few recent examples to show you how folks are communicating in style and getting great results.

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Introducing Emma’s new resource center

All the account help you're used to, plus more

You may have noticed a few changes around Emma this week. The Emma app and website both have a shiny new look, we've updated our logo and brand, and we've released a new content editor and template gallery.

What's more, we're now offering you even more ways to become an email marketing expert with a new resource center.

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New today: an updated app, shiny website and fresh logo & brand

A visual tour of the changes we've made to complement our new features

As you may have heard, there's a lot of new stuff happening at Emma.

Three incredibly useful features were just rolled out to most all accounts.

Our all-new drag & drop editor and template gallery are already being revealed to customers on a rolling basis, so if don't see these in your account yet, you will soon.


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It’s Emma’s Featurepalooza!

Take a peek at the new features coming soon to your Emma account
Featurepalooza | Take a Sneak Peek at Emma's Upcoming Email Marketing Features | Emma Email Marketing
If you've been reading here and over on Emma Tech, you know we've been hard at work to make Emma simpler, speedier and better for our customers. We've shared info about our new platform and changes to come, and today, we're delighted to give you a closer look at the features and enhancements you'll find in your account over the next few months.


We've got all the details — including sneak peek videos — on our Official Featurepalooza Page, so check it out and let us know if you'd like to be the first in line to try the features.

A new platform for Emma

Emma’s getting upgraded with a faster, more feature-rich platform and a handy API for your developers to use

We've been talking about it for a while, and we're now beginning to roll out our new API — and the new Emma platform to support it.

More about the API

We've discussed the new API a bit previously, but to catch you up to speed, an API is an interface that a developer can use to get other programs talking with Emma. That means you can do things like add audience members and groups, pull response data, search your audience and edit member fields all from outside of Emma. If you follow our tech blog, you've heard Alex talking about our Salesforce integration, which relies heavily on this new API. Needless to say, this opens up many exciting avenues for both you as a customer and for Emma overall.

More about the new platform

Even if you're not a developer, Emma's new platform is going to offer some nice upgrades for everyone, with many more on the way. When your account is migrated to the new platform, you'll immediately see improvements like:

  • International character support
  • Multiple test groups
  • Faster send times
  • Overall improved performance

And in the coming months, you'll also see some new features being released on this new platform, including automated split testing, signup and survey notifications and social features for campaigns built into your account. All of these features take advantage of our new platform, and many more will follow. Exciting, right? Here's a sneak peek so you can get a better idea of what's to come.

What's happening behind the scenes

To allow you to take advantage of the new system, we'll be migrating all of our customers to this new Emma platform. That's a major undertaking that entails moving all of your data from one system to another, one that has an entirely new structure to make these improvements possible. The new system will allow us to scale in a fast and stable fashion, and that means a more reliable and flexible Emma for everyone. This should be a seamless process for you, as each individual account can be moved in a matter of minutes, and downtime per account should be a fraction of that. Additionally, we'll be doing these moves at non-peak hours to ensure we don't cause any problems for customers. The entire process of moving all accounts will take some time, so we appreciate your patience as we make the big switch for everyone.

Want to be first in line?

We'll be rolling out the new platform to all accounts over the next few weeks. As a side note, you'll only see any new features we release if you're on the new platform, so if you'd like your account to be upgraded sooner rather than later, let us know here.

If you're a developer and would like to stay updated with the latest API news, let us know here.


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