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The ultimate email marketing mistake

3 quick tips to avoid getting personalization all wrong

Personalization in email is great. It's a perfect way to connect with your audience on, you know, a personal level. It could even boost your campaign open rate. But when you get the personalization wrong, it can put off an amateur feel or even worse, make your reader feel like they aren't at all important to you leading to an unsubscribe. We've got 3 quick recommendations to make sure your emails come accross sincerely in the most politely personal way.

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3 tips on choosing a great image for your email campaign

How to find the right stock images to support your marketing message

No matter how often you speak to customers through regular emails, selecting a template that succinctly conveys the message of your brand is a must.

To really entice someone to click through from their email to your website, you'll need a format and layout that not only engages customers, but makes them want to see more. Many businesses leave space for a big image either at the top or in the middle of their emails to break up text and keep people happy.

But choosing just the right image for your newsletter, depending on both the context and the content, can be difficult. Here are three tips to keep in mind the next time you're looking to add imagery to your email marketing:

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3 ways to engage your online audience with email invitations

Create exclusivity even when you aren't hosting a party

This week, we're inviting the Emma community to check out our latest collection of free readymade templates, designed for creating email invitations.

They're great for inviting email subscribers to parties, speaker events, conferences and shows. 

After all, invitations are powerful. They make us feel included. They make us feel special. They're personal, and they're exclusive. And the best part? You don't even need an event to send one. With a little creativity, you'll find all kinds of ways to engage your audience just by framing your message as invitation. Here are three ideas to get you started:

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Designing Emails for the ADOS Crowd

4 ways to appeal to your subscribers' short attention spans

The attention span of the average online consumer seems to be getting shorter every second. Unless you can do or say (or link to) something awesome ... and do it quickly ... you'll likely lose your readers' attention. In fact, I would bet that many folks already stopped reading this blog post. Another portion clicked on that link (above) and are now doing down the rabbit hole that is YouTube. For those that are still reading, please understand that ADOS (Attention Deficit. Oh, Shiny!*) syndrome also applies to email marketing messages. With very few exceptions (read: killer content from a very trusted source), when it comes to email marketing, shorter is better. Humans are busy. We are looking for that instant gratification - the email that (quickly) helps us save time, save money, makes us smarter, and/or entertains us. If your email marketing message cannot do one one (or more!) of those four things, and do it quickly, chances are your content will not get read/clicked/shared/acted upon. So, how to you design an email for this ADOS crowd? Here are a four ways:

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How to achieve brainiac status when it comes to your email’s images

Read our five tips now, and follow the blog for more details all March long

Choosing and editing compelling images is a crucial step in creating engaging email marketing. In Emma's Brainiac Guide to Images in Email, you'll find five practical tips for making the most of your email's visuals. Follow The Emma Blog all March long for more detailed advice on crafting great images, including real-world examples, expert interview and videos.

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Are your emails red carpet-ready?

Tips for creating award-worthy emails (because it's not an honor just to be nominated)

Awards season is upon us: the glitz, the glamour, the open rates!

If you’re looking to take home “Best Email in an Inbox,” take note of these tips and handy Emma features that'll put you in the running.

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Get more opens on the mailing you’re sending right now

Why subject line split testing matters

Since Emma’s subject line split-testing feature launched last month, we’re gleaned a lot from our own internal tests and those our customers have shared. Below are four case studies that find laying out your cards isn’t always the best policy, a thoughtful subject line is worth the time spent on it and limiting your appeal can yield a yawn of a response.

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A peek at our DIY email retrospective

We started fresh in 2013 with a look back at what worked well for us in 2012

I made a timeline of emails sent over the last six months, adjusted their height on the wall according to each email's open rate, wrote out each subject line, labeled key metrics and trends with Post-its and whiteboard markers, and – here's the important part – pulled together a small group of Emma staffers to soak it all in and make some insights.

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The power of saying thanks

Good news, Mom: good etiquette is alive and well in email marketing

How does saying "thank you" in your email campaign's subject line affect your response rates? The stats -- including our own -- may surprise you. Plus, every Emma account has access to free "thank you" email templates to help you share some kind words with your customers.

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