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How a literary journal boosts readership with savvy email marketing

What we learned from The Oxford American

The Oxford American is a non-profit, quarterly literary magazine dedicated to featuring the best in Southern writing. The award-winning magazine – founded in Oxford, Mississippi but now affiliated with the University of Central Arkansas and based in Little Rock – aims to document the complexity and vitality of the Southern region by collecting and distributing the original work of acclaimed writers, fine artists, photographers and musicians.

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Responsive design for email marketing: Q&A

More on mobile-optimized emails from Emma's experts

A couple weeks ago, you heard right from the horses’ mouths the case made for mobile optimization when it comes to designing emails.

Those horses are back (don’t they ever stay in their pen?) with more about optimizing your content’s display for whatever device your audience is using to consume it.

Rather than design a specific version for tablets, smartphones, etc. that might overlook certain types of tablet or web users with different monitors and resolutions, responsive design allows you to customize your work in a way that regardless the way you view the content, it’s going to look right – or left, depending on the flow of traffic.

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3 tips on choosing a great image for your email campaign

How to find the right stock images to support your marketing message

No matter how often you speak to customers through regular emails, selecting a template that succinctly conveys the message of your brand is a must.

To really entice someone to click through from their email to your website, you'll need a format and layout that not only engages customers, but makes them want to see more. Many businesses leave space for a big image either at the top or in the middle of their emails to break up text and keep people happy.

But choosing just the right image for your newsletter, depending on both the context and the content, can be difficult. Here are three tips to keep in mind the next time you're looking to add imagery to your email marketing:

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Responsive design for email marketing, part one

Making emails mobile-friendly, one template at a time

Emma’s a strategic gal. When the time is right to release a new product, there’s much thought that goes into what the story is that we want to tell our customers. That story – ranging from the latest Zadie Smith to Are You My Mother? – is inspired by our own habits as well as what we’re gleaning from you.

Toward the end of last year, Mashable called 2013 the year of responsive design. Their article speaks largely about web design, but if you’re anything like us, you wear glasses while consuming emails on a variety of platforms, too: smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. That’s why it’s important to optimize your email campaigns so that they look their best and brightest, no matter the stage.

Our product developers and designers have been thinking about mobile-optimized email design for a while now. And with the release of our new drag & drop editor and new template language to go along with it, Emma is poised for responsive design in the inbox. Wherever that inbox may be.

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How to achieve brainiac status when it comes to your email’s images

Read our five tips now, and follow the blog for more details all March long

Choosing and editing compelling images is a crucial step in creating engaging email marketing. In Emma's Brainiac Guide to Images in Email, you'll find five practical tips for making the most of your email's visuals. Follow The Emma Blog all March long for more detailed advice on crafting great images, including real-world examples, expert interview and videos.

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Add style to your emails with stock images (they’re on us)

Emma customers get five images from Bigstock now through March 31, 2013

If you haven't peeked in Bigstock's library of over 12 million images that you can use in your email campaigns, you're missing out. Now through March 31, Emma customers can purchase up to five stock images right from your account and we'll take care of the cost.

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Whip up a sweet Valentine’s Day email in minutes

It's a love connection: Free Valentine-themed templates + built-in stock images

Love is in the air and in your Emma account, thanks to a new collection of free Valentine-themed email templates. And it's a cinch to whip up a sweet email when you have access to 12 million stock images, right inside your account. Use our new drag & drop editor to search for and purchase stock photos, illustrations and vectors (from our partner Bigstock) to drop right in your email campaigns. 

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A peek at our DIY email retrospective

We started fresh in 2013 with a look back at what worked well for us in 2012

I made a timeline of emails sent over the last six months, adjusted their height on the wall according to each email's open rate, wrote out each subject line, labeled key metrics and trends with Post-its and whiteboard markers, and – here's the important part – pulled together a small group of Emma staffers to soak it all in and make some insights.

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What we’re reading now: on designing gorgeous email campaigns

A new batch of don't-miss articles for creative types

We love email marketing around here. (Not obvious at all, right?) And we love helping agencies, small businesses and nonprofits create share-worthy email campaigns that help their businesses grow.

We're so very excited about the recent launch of our new content editor, and we can't wait to see how you'll use it to create emails that stand out in the inbox. Here are a few reads that'll help you do just that.

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