72 new template designs that’ll make email marketing easier than ever

With the introduction of these brand new email templates, our design team has done the heavy lifting for you and made creating beautiful emails virtually effortless. We’ve combined the unbeatable style you’ve come to know and love with easier customization, allowing you to save precious time without ever having to worry about sacrificing quality.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

Emma’s “Oh blather, I’m stuck” list

A baker's dozen of quick ideas for stylish email content

Drawing a blank on what to say in your next email campaign? Here are 13 ideas designed to get you started with content that goes beyond ordinary newsletters and promotions. Take 'em and make 'em your own, and happy sending. Cheers!

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How to use heat maps to increase your email signups

Here’s the truth in six words: your email opt-in still needs improvement. Is the email opt-in the hottest area of your page? Yes? No? What are the top three areas being clicked? Any surprises?

Wait, how do I figure that out? Great question! Use a heat map.

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Just released! 14 new winter email template designs

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter. But don't get all sad about the shorter days and colder weather. It’s also the season for celebration, and our designers have been hard at work on new template designs to help you do just that. Here are just half of the 14 new additions to your favorite Winter Holiday Collection templates!

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How to recover from an email you didn’t mean to send

What we love about Fab.com's approach

Here’s an inbox story that got all of us on the Emma team talking this week.

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How universities can go beyond the newsletter with email marketing

Universities face a unique marketing challenge because they have to reach a wide range of audiences (students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, etc.) in different departments with different messages – all under the unified brand of the school.

It sounds like the toughest marketing final exam ever, right? But with smart email marketing, it’s a test university marketers can ace.


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How we use Emma’s templates to connect with fellow staffers

Ever wonder how we use Emma at Emma? If you’re a customer, you’ve likely seen our marketing messages, customer surveys and other public-facing emails — but one of the benefits of working here is that we can all use our Emma accounts to communicate with one another. Take a look below for a peek at how staffers use the readymade templates in the template gallery and the power of the drag & drop editor to create our own beautiful, internal-only (’til now!) messages.

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Batali, method and Mapco: 3 Emma-powered brands that add video to their email marketing

Examples of how to use video in your next campaign

When done right, linking to a video with your email marketing is a great way to boost engagement with your audience. Here are three ways (with examples from some our coolest customers) that you can use video in your next email campaign to send click rates soaring.

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