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Emails we love: The nonprofit edition

Despite the staggering number of super talented nonprofit marketers out there, charitable organizations have a bit of a bad rap in the email world. The reason? Many have fallen victim to an epidemic known around here as the "compile newsletter, blast audience, and repeat” virus. It's nasty stuff and pretty difficult to shake. 

But we’re here to cure it once and for all by proving that nonprofits can (and do!) send beautiful, relevant email to help them form a more personal connection with their audiences and compel more people to get involved with their amazing cause.

Here are some of the best nonprofit email examples to hit our inboxes in the past few months. Nonprofit marketers, let's utilize marketing’s most effective channel to truly make an impact... and say goodbye to so-so email forever. You in?

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

5 quick tips for segmenting your email list

Since every audience is different, there’s no single, ultimate way to segment that works for everyone. But here are five quick ideas for slicing and dicing your audience that have proved effective for many brands. Use one, some, or all of these ideas to start sending more personalized messages and boost your success rates in no time!

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12 emails that completely captivated us

It’s that time again: We’ve compiled a roundup of the latest and greatest emails to hit our inbox over the past few weeks. All these brands deserve a high five (or at least a slow, appreciative head nod) for some seriously solid marketing. Check out their sends – you might just find inspiration for your next campaign!

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The elements of a top-notch April Fool’s Day email

As marketers, April Fool’s Day is one of our absolute favorite holidays. It gives brands the perfect opportunity to get creative and show off their sense of humor, and it usually leads to some super hilarious campaigns. But that doesn’t mean you can just get away with anything. You should really think about what you’re doing before you press “send” on an April Fool’s Day email.

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5 super creative email Easter egg hunts

Let’s be honest for a second: Even as an adult, watching from the sidelines as toddlers wildly forage for brightly-colored eggs… don’t you kind of want to get in on the action?

Well, you aren’t the only one. Easter egg hunts are just plain fun – they’re competitive, exciting, and result in all kinds of sweet rewards. And utilizing the concept in your email marketing is a fantastic way to get your subscribers more engaged with your brand and, in many cases, pull them back to your website (hello, conversions!).

Here are 5 brands who found creative ways to host their own email “Easter egg hunt.” Try it for yourself – it’s a great way to add a little springtime fun to your email campaigns!

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7 effective CTA examples (and why they work)

You’re doing everything right with your email marketing: You’re writing compelling copy, nailing it with stunning design, optimizing for mobile… but your click rates still aren’t where you want them to be.

So what can you do? Well, a great place to start is to take a good, hard look at your calls to action.

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The Academy Awards of Email: 6 Oscar-worthy campaigns

It’s that time again: The 88th annual Academy Awards are this weekend! So in honor of all the accolades, we thought we’d get in on the action ourselves – only instead of starlets and cinematographers, we’re honoring some of the very best email marketers in the biz.

After lots of deliberation, heated arguments and backroom wheeling and dealing, these are our picks. And the winners are…

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8 brands that have mastered GIFs in email

We’re all about animated GIFs in email. The savviest, most ahead-of-the-curve brands consistently use them for a reason – they increase click rates 42%, conversion rates 103%, and revenue 109% (MarketingSherpa). Today’s marketers aren’t just using GIFs because they’re trendy; they’re using them because they actually work.

In fact, there are a few brands whose emails we always open simply because we know that, more likely than not, they’ll contain some cool GIF action. So here's a shout out to eight brands whose GIF game is always on point. Check 'em out!

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