How gorgeous email design leads to astounding open rates

When your products are as beautiful as Yumi Kim’s – crafted from sumptuous silk and bold, colorful graphic prints – it’s essential that your emails follow suit.

"The Yumi Kim brand is influenced by our designer Kim Phan’s own aesthetic with an emphasis on vintage silhouettes spun with a contemporary urban feminine mystique,” said Marketing Coordinator Alivia Massimillo. “The heart of Kim's line has always been playful, floral designs. She loves travel, as well, so she also brings that sense of freedom and wanderlust into her work."

The brand’s marketing team maintains the same gorgeous aesthetic in their emails; in fact, they’re easily some of the most beautiful we’ve seen hit our inboxes! So for marketers looking for inspiration, we're spotlighting three of Yumi Kim's best emails and breaking down the marketing smarts baked into each design.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

Brilliant examples of brands killing it with email marketing

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of quality emails around these parts. So it only made sense for us to launch a series on the Emma blog specifically devoted to geeking out about the crème de la crème – aka, the very best emails that hit our inboxes each month. In the first installment, we focused on beautiful design, so this month, we thought we’d switch things up and talk strategy.


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21 new template designs to inspire your email marketing

You might want to take another look around Emma’s template gallery the next time you create a new email. Why? We have two new collections (21 templates in all) that are filled with some of our designers' best work yet. They’re not only great looking and ridiculously easy to customize, but they’re designed to fit your marketing strategy. Have a look.

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11 fabulous new email template designs for retailers

We've designed our latest batch of email templates with savvy retail marketers in mind. The designs are all fully responsive and super easy to brand. Plus, they pair beautifully with our automation feature to help you reach new and recurring customers at various steps of the purchase cycle. Here, have a look.

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Litmus TEDC ticket giveaway: The honorable mentions

These guys may not have won a ticket to the Litmus Email Design Conference in Boston, but their entries were still pretty top-notch. So to recognize their efforts and quality email design skills, here are the honorable mentions (in no particular order) for our TEDC ticket giveaway contest:


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Announcing the winners of our TEDC ticket giveaway!

After much heated debate, we've chosen the winners for our Litmus Email Design Conference ticket giveaway! Check out the winning entries here. 

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Emails we love

It’s sad, but it’s true: The majority of emails you’re receiving these days probably aren’t so great. Convenience and habit cause many brands to craft less-than-inspiring messages, and all the duds can start to make your inbox feel pretty dreary. So few things get us quite as excited as when we encounter a real gem; those shining examples of outstanding content help us get through creative ruts and inspire us to improve our own marketing.

To celebrate quality emails that rise above their peers, we’ve assembled a few of the best examples we’ve seen this past month. Read on to see our picks and get the lowdown on what makes them stand out in a crowded inbox.

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72 new template designs that’ll make email marketing easier than ever

With the introduction of these brand new email templates, our design team has done the heavy lifting for you and made creating beautiful emails virtually effortless. We’ve combined the unbeatable style you’ve come to know and love with easier customization, allowing you to save precious time without ever having to worry about sacrificing quality.

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Emma’s “Oh blather, I’m stuck” list

A baker's dozen of quick ideas for stylish email content

Drawing a blank on what to say in your next email campaign? Here are 13 ideas designed to get you started with content that goes beyond ordinary newsletters and promotions. Take 'em and make 'em your own, and happy sending. Cheers!

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