The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

How universities can use automation to connect with potential students

What we learned from The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Meet Midori Maloney. 

You know that circus performer who somehow finds a way to keep a dozen precariously spinning plates balanced on tall, skinny poles? That’s Midori. As the graduate studies marketing coordinator (and recruiter… and event planner… and budget analyst…and assistant to the graduate dean) for The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Midori is a one-woman powerhouse when it comes to balancing a busy schedule and keeping all of her plates spinning.

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How to boost sales with email automation and smart integration

What we learned from Mabel & Zora

A chat with Tiffany Bean, owner of Portland women's boutique Mabel & Zora, on how she automates emails and integrates with Shopify to get big email marketing results, lift sales and increase website traffic.

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How to get a 50% email open rate from new subscribers

What we learned from YMCA of the Triangle

YMCA of the Triangle is made up of 13 branch locations and three overnight camps. With new members joining daily at each location, they needed an email solution to welcome each one to the Y with a consistent, branded experience that keeps them informed about all the great benefits of membership. Happily for us, they chose Emma.

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5 email tips from our customers to help us all be better marketers

One of my favorite parts of my job (other than the fireworks and Top Gun guitar solo that greet my arrival every day) is that I get to interact with our smart and savvy customers and share ideas on how to do great email marketing. They give us so much real-world insight into what’s working and what’s not with their wide range of audiences. It’s why we try to share their expertise as often as we can here on the Emma blog. Here are some of the key takeaways from recent chats that we’ve had with them that can help us all become better marketers.

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Behind the email marketing for country music’s biggest stars

What we learned from BubbleUp

Did you know that many country music stars love email marketing almost as much as they love their guitars and passionate fans? (You didn't? Weird.) But what about those country performers who don’t have that innate email marketing savvy? They turn to folks like Tracy Goldenberg at BubbleUp.

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A successful franchise’s secret to staggering email results

What we learned from Firehouse Subs

As senior manager of digital marketing at Firehouse Subs, Emma customer Matt Olsen is a one-man team responsible for the email marketing of nearly 800 restaurants in 41 states and Puerto Rico. Sounds impossible without an email army, right? But as a savvy digital marketer, Matt smartly uses automation, audience segmentation and strategically timed cups of coffee to keep Firehouse’s email marketing humming for the home office and all of its franchisees. No reinforcements needed.

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How a marketing expert doubled email open rates by creating the “un-newsletter”

What we learned from Hammock

As marketers, we sometimes need to remind ourselves that less is more when it comes to email content (unlike, say, salted caramel brownies). We have so many ideas that we’d like to share with our subscribers that it’s tempting to cram as much into an email as we can. But how can we share content in a way that’s useful and won’t cause email fatigue?

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