How an agency scored a 53% click rate for their client

Element74 is a marketing agency out of Cape Girardeau, MO. Though the team focuses primarily on website and software development, they’ve also started dipping their toes into the world of email marketing (welcome, water feels great).

Currently, the bulk of their email efforts have been focused on one client in particular: Christopher Columbus Condos, a gorgeous beachfront property in the Cayman Islands. “With Christopher Columbus, we're the ones handling every aspect of their email marketing,” explained Toni Eftink, an Element74 project manager. "So we’re really focused on doing it right.”

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

How a template redesign boosted click rates 750%

Thistle Farms recently ramped up their email marketing program with the goal of reaching more people with their message of hope and healing. Here’s a look at how a new custom-designed template from the Emma Services Team boosted their click rates 750%, promoting greater engagement with their incredibly deserving cause.

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How Dogfish Head brews an 80% email open rate

“We always have the goal of selling more beer to our fans and distributors,” explained PR Coordinator Janelle Miley, "but a huge portion of our email marketing has to do with raising brand awareness. We have a lot of cool things happening here at Dogfish, and we like to make sure people are always in-the-know about what’s going on: where they can track down new beers we’re releasing, the different things we have happening here at the brewery, and so on.”

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How a major nonprofit used automation to lift results by 30%

The State Fair of Texas is known for lots of things, like Big Tex, The Red River Rivalry, and some of the craziest fried food imaginable. (Fried cookie dough? Yes, please.) But did you know it’s also the largest annual exposition in North America, with an average of over 3 million attendees each year? That’s HUGE. And as you might imagine, it takes a small army to pull off such a massive event.

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How dynamic content makes this marketer’s life so much easier

What we learned from the Nashville Ballet

Nashville’s Nutcracker is huge undertaking, with more than 200 dancers per performance. Coordinating so many cast members and getting them the information they need can be an extremely complicated task, but thankfully, the Ballet’s Director of Sales and Marketing Jan Morrison found the perfect solution getting the the right messages out to the right people: dynamic content.

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A simple email strategy that drove phenomenal holiday sales

Volunteer Traditions took the time to learn about their audience and stay current on the latest email marketing best practices – a potent one-two combo that led to some seriously impressive results.

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Emma 25 spotlight: Walk Bike Nashville

We recently got the opportunity to chat with Nora Kern, the Executive Director of one of our past Emma 25 winners – a local nonprofit called Walk Bike Nashville. Here’s a look at what they’re all about, the awesome work they’re doing, and how a free Emma account has helped make their jobs a little bit easier.

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How gorgeous email design leads to astounding open rates

When your products are as beautiful as Yumi Kim’s – crafted from sumptuous silk and bold, colorful graphic prints – it’s essential that your emails follow suit.

"The Yumi Kim brand is influenced by our designer Kim Phan’s own aesthetic with an emphasis on vintage silhouettes spun with a contemporary urban feminine mystique,” said Marketing Coordinator Alivia Massimillo. “The heart of Kim's line has always been playful, floral designs. She loves travel, as well, so she also brings that sense of freedom and wanderlust into her work."

The brand’s marketing team maintains the same gorgeous aesthetic in their emails; in fact, they’re easily some of the most beautiful we’ve seen hit our inboxes! So for marketers looking for inspiration, we're spotlighting three of Yumi Kim's best emails and breaking down the marketing smarts baked into each design.

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Key takeaways from our live Q&A with Sam Dresser

We had a blast talking email marketing for franchises during our live Q&A with Sam Dresser. Sam tackled subjects ranging from the challenges of marketing with a limited budget to the importance of maintaining brand consistency. Most importantly, he left us all with interesting, easily-applicable tips and helpful, real-life examples from School of Rock. We can definitely get behind all the amazing marketing advice and expertise he shared!

Since he covered so much, we thought it’d be a good idea to summarize some of the key takeaways from our chat – read on and enjoy!

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The recipe for Mario Batali’s amazing email click rate

You know what they say: Behind every celebrity chef is a master email marketer. (Do they not say that? We could have sworn…)

For celebrity chef and media personality Mario Batali, that marketer is his Communications Director, Pam Lewy. Pam has over a decade of experience in PR, food media, and communications – and as far as we’re concerned, she officially gets three Michelin stars for email expertise. 

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