How gorgeous email design leads to astounding open rates

When your products are as beautiful as Yumi Kim’s – crafted from sumptuous silk and bold, colorful graphic prints – it’s essential that your emails follow suit.

"The Yumi Kim brand is influenced by our designer Kim Phan’s own aesthetic with an emphasis on vintage silhouettes spun with a contemporary urban feminine mystique,” said Marketing Coordinator Alivia Massimillo. “The heart of Kim's line has always been playful, floral designs. She loves travel, as well, so she also brings that sense of freedom and wanderlust into her work."

The brand’s marketing team maintains the same gorgeous aesthetic in their emails; in fact, they’re easily some of the most beautiful we’ve seen hit our inboxes! So for marketers looking for inspiration, we're spotlighting three of Yumi Kim's best emails and breaking down the marketing smarts baked into each design.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

Key takeaways from our live Q&A with Sam Dresser

We had a blast talking email marketing for franchises during our live Q&A with Sam Dresser. Sam tackled subjects ranging from the challenges of marketing with a limited budget to the importance of maintaining brand consistency. Most importantly, he left us all with interesting, easily-applicable tips and helpful, real-life examples from School of Rock. We can definitely get behind all the amazing marketing advice and expertise he shared!

Since he covered so much, we thought it’d be a good idea to summarize some of the key takeaways from our chat – read on and enjoy!

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The recipe for Mario Batali’s amazing email click rate

You know what they say: Behind every celebrity chef is a master email marketer. (Do they not say that? We could have sworn…)

For celebrity chef and media personality Mario Batali, that marketer is his Communications Director, Pam Lewy. Pam has over a decade of experience in PR, food media, and communications – and as far as we’re concerned, she officially gets three Michelin stars for email expertise. 

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A major franchise’s rock star email strategy

A Q&A with School of Rock

Since he works for such a cool brand with an awesome mission, we were super excited when we got the opportunity to chat with Sam Dresser (School of Rock’s Senior Director of Information Strategy) about how School of Rock does marketing, why they chose Emma, and how email helps them reach more prospective musicians.

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Stitching together a seamless email marketing strategy

What we learned from Children's Corner Store

Ruffles, buttons, and lace – oh my! Whether you’re a master seamstress or just have a passion for fabulous frocks, Children’s Corner Store has everything you need to create shining ensembles. The brand is best known for their extensive offering of supplies and patterns, but for those looking to learn new techniques, they also offer a full schedule of in-depth sewing classes.

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How an email campaign inspired travelers to explore Oregon

What we learned from Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon is your go-to guide for all the best, most awe-inspiring wonders the state has to offer. “Our goal is to bring tourism to Oregon,” said Emily Forsha, Travel Oregon's Content & Digital Community Manager. “With our email newsletters, we hope to inspire as many people as possible to keep Oregon top-of-mind when they’re thinking about potential vacation destinations.”

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5 smart email tips from customers that get amazing results

Confession time: We’re kind of obsessed with email marketing. Yes, thinking and talking about it is our job, but we also really, really like this stuff. So along with developing cool new features, designing gorgeous templates and collecting extra-nerdy marketing stats, we love hearing about the new and exciting ways our customers have been using email to do better marketing and make their jobs easier.

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A luxury real estate firm’s different kind of email strategy

What we learned from The Agency

It isn’t just its star-studded crew and their familiarity with the luxury lifestyle that drives The Agency’s success. In the typical brokerage model, cut-throat agents – all working within the same brand – compete against one another for business. But The Agency was founded with the goal of doing things a little differently.

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How a literary journal boosts readership with savvy email marketing

What we learned from The Oxford American

The Oxford American is a non-profit, quarterly literary magazine dedicated to featuring the best in Southern writing. The award-winning magazine – founded in Oxford, Mississippi but now affiliated with the University of Central Arkansas and based in Little Rock – aims to document the complexity and vitality of the Southern region by collecting and distributing the original work of acclaimed writers, fine artists, photographers and musicians.

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To Lightbox or not to Lightbox? One brand’s resounding answer

What we learned from Restaurant Equippers

Enticing website visitors to join your email list can be an incredibly difficult task. Sure – given a long enough timeline, you might get the numbers you’re hoping for… eventually. But when the average email list churns by about 30% every year, it’s incredibly important for email marketers to consistently gather fresh leads if they want to keep their list strong.

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