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It’s sad, but it’s true: The majority of emails you’re receiving these days probably aren’t so great. Convenience and habit cause many brands to craft less-than-inspiring messages, and all the duds can start to make your inbox feel pretty dreary. So few things get us quite as excited as when we encounter a real gem; those shining examples of outstanding content help us get through creative ruts and inspire us to improve our own marketing.

To celebrate quality emails that rise above their peers, we’ve assembled a few of the best examples we’ve seen this past month. Read on to see our picks and get the lowdown on what makes them stand out in a crowded inbox.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

Three Nashville brands doing great email marketing

We’re full of hometown pride here at Emma. And why wouldn’t we be? Nashville has a vibrant music scene, mouth-watering food (Loveless biscuits, anyone?), celebrities on every corner and plenty of that good ‘ol Southern hospitality.

We’re also fortunate enough to share our city with some pretty cool brands – brands who also happen to be crushing it when it comes to email marketing. Here’s how three Nashville locals have been using Emma to help get the word out about their brands – in Music City and beyond.

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Emma Social recap: The Secret Agent edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

As far as we’re concerned, “spy” ranks pretty high on the top ten list of most ideal jobs ever (after rock star, professional beer taster and, of course, email marketer). Secret agents drive the coolest cars, get to use the best gadgets and spend their time running around the world on top-secret missions – all while looking super suave in absurdly expensive Armani suits.

It sounds like a pretty awesome gig (aside from the whole constant-threat-of-death thing), which is probably why spy movies are so popular with us common folk whose jobs involve offices and team meetings instead of high-stakes poker games and car chases. And since the newest Mission: Impossible movie is coming out this weekend, we decided to give it some love on the blog. Check out the post below, then be sure to investigate (covertly, of course) the rest of the links from this week!

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How a nonprofit uses email to inspire action and build a legacy

What we learned from the Jane Goodall Institute

Dr. Jane Goodall’s trailblazing 55-year study of wild chimpanzees opened a window into a previously unknown world: the strange but uncannily familiar lives of primates. But though she’s best known for her research, today Jane works to inspire action on behalf of endangered species and encourage individuals to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment we share.

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Mission: Impossible – Email Marketing

In honor of the newest film, we’ve assigned you a mission, should you choose to accept it: With this intel from our loyal agents, you’ll be able to tackle some of the most impossible email marketing tasks. Should you be caught, killed or get low open and click rates, however, Emma will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This post will self-destruct in five seconds.

(Just kidding… or are we?)

Good luck!

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How to review email results in three minutes or less

If you’re like most marketers, your email campaigns tend to go something like this: create, proof, test, send, repeat. And after you’ve worked so hard building your campaign’s content, it might feel as if – at this point – your work should be done. But here’s the thing: Your consumers are real people whose needs and interests change all the time. So there’s a good chance that the types of messages they like (and respond well to) will also change.

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Emma Social recap: The Bottoms Up edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

Last Friday, we were thrilled to announce one of our newest customers: Tito’s Vodka! As far as awesome brands go, it’s hard to get much cooler than Tito’s, so we were morally bound to celebrate the deal with tasty vodka cocktails. 

So you can join in on the revelry, here are this weeks links, served on the rocks and mixed to your liking. Cheers!

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3 ways to hit your email marketing goals faster

I’m Emma (yes, really), and as a specialist on our Services Team, I work with clients every day to identify gaps in their email strategy and find solutions to help them be successful. I love helping marketers find ways to achieve their goals, so here are a few proven tips that will help you check off those goals a little faster.

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