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Why Emma + Eventbrite teamed up to host TechTN

It's hard to believe it’s already been over six months since Emma and Eventbrite joined forces to host TechTN, a casual meetup focused on bringing the Nashville tech community together.

We were blown away by the response to the very first TechTN event back in November 2015 – so many people wanted to come, we even had to create a waitlist! So we turned it into a regular meetup. In fact, the fourth TechTN will be on Wednesday, June 8 at Smith & Lentz Brewing Company.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

How to explain the value of email marketing to your boss

It’s one of the most common pain points we hear from our customers: “I understand how valuable email marketing is, but I don’t have time to do all the things I want to do. How can I convince my boss to make email more of a priority?"

As with any strategy, executives want to know what results they can expect (especially in terms of potential leads, conversions, and revenue generated) before they’ll ever commit resources to it. And when you’re talking to someone who doesn’t actually work in the email marketing space on a daily basis, it can be a tough sell.

So we’re here to help. Here are answers to four common questions you might get from your boss about email marketing, plus plenty of stats to prove why investing in email should be a priority for every business.

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Why customer service is the new marketing

We were blown away by all of the amazing sessions at Marketing United 2016, but one that really stuck with us was Jay Baer’s closing keynote.

During his talk, Jay spoke about his latest book, Hug Your Haters. At least 1/3 of all customer complaints go unanswered, and “people are sick of being ignored.” And even when brands do respond, they aren’t meeting customer expectations in terms of response time. For example, while 40% of people who expect a response on social media within an hour, the average response time from brands is almost 5 hours.

Fantastic customer service has always been at the heart of what we do here at Emma, so what Jay had to say really struck a chord. Here’s just a few of the high points from Jay’s talk that can help all brands do a better job of serving their customers.

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7 essential tips & tricks for winning the inbox

We all know that standing out in today’s stuffed-to-the-brim inboxes can be incredibly tough. And getting people to actually open and engage with your emails? That’s a beast.

But one of the best ways to ensure your email marketing truly performs is to get some creative inspiration from those already doing it best. Here are 7 examples of brands absolutely killing it in the inbox. Use their expert tips and tricks to give your subscribers the kind of experiences that will convert them into customers in no time... and keep them around for the long haul!


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Emails we love: The nonprofit edition

Despite the staggering number of super talented nonprofit marketers out there, charitable organizations have a bit of a bad rap in the email world. The reason? Many have fallen victim to an epidemic known around here as the "compile newsletter, blast audience, and repeat” virus. It's nasty stuff and pretty difficult to shake. 

But we’re here to cure it once and for all by proving that nonprofits can (and do!) send beautiful, relevant email to help them form a more personal connection with their audiences and compel more people to get involved with their amazing cause.

Here are some of the best nonprofit email examples to hit our inboxes in the past few months. Nonprofit marketers, let's utilize marketing’s most effective channel to truly make an impact... and say goodbye to so-so email forever. You in?

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Staffer Q&A with Product Manager Cody De Vos

In our new series, Staffer Q&A, we sit down with Emma staffers, interview-style, to find out the "who" behind Emma, get a sneak peek into new features and integrations they're working on, and, of course, what they do when they're not at work.

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How a popular travel site solved every marketer’s dilemma

It’s a problem marketers face time again and again: Best practices tell you to go light on copy in your emails… but you have A LOT to say.

We see it all the time in industries that tend to send out more blog posts and news briefs than discounts and product promos – think universities, nonprofits, publishers, government offices, etc. How can they send subscribers all of their best content without every campaign becoming a tome that, let’s face it, no one has the time (or patience) to actually read?

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Marketing United 2016 in photos

Can you believe it's only been a few weeks since Marketing United 2016 wrapped?

It left us so inspired that we're already getting fired up about attending more impactful sessions, soaking up more wisdom from super engaging speakers... essentially, what we know will add up to an another incredible time in 2017. (It's going down April 19-21, so go ahead and save the date!)

We could go on and on about all the things we loved about this year's conference – and to some extent, we already have. So since pictures are worth a thousand words, let's take a look back in the more literal sense. Here are some of our favorite photos from Marketing United 2016 ... sit back and reminisce with us, won't you?

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