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What you see is (now really) what you get

We've changed how unused image and text placeholders behave in the inbox

If you've used Emma's new editor, you've probably noticed a few improvements (mostly in the form of streamlined workflow and fancy features) that help you create the most stylish emails around.

Now comes another change designed to make it easier to know what's really going to get delivered to your recipients: Default text and image placeholders will actually display in the inbox. 

Yep, the placeholders for text and images now appear in the actual email

When you send an email that looks like this, where the placeholders haven't been deleted or replaced with your real text and images:

A free readymade template with default content blocks to help you start adding text and images

It will render just like that in the inbox. In the past, those unused areas disappeared from view upon previewing and sending.

But now, you get a built-in preview experience as you go, and the inbox version of your email is true to the layout you built in your account.

Why we like it

When we set out to build a new editing experience for our customers, we aimed to cut down on the number of steps it took to get you from creating to sending. That means providing a sense of the email's look before the content comes together.

The placeholders and lorem ipsum text do just that, and by allowing them to render in the inbox, we're finally able to provide a "what you see is what you get" experience. 

As the Emma staffer who sends newsletters and announcements to our own community, I appreciate being able to send a test email with the placeholders intact for the stories I'm still working on.

Even if all my email's content isn't finalized, my colleagues can get a feel for my layout choices, spot how the text will wrap around images and see where I've enabled captions. 

What it means for you

Ultimately, this change adds up to more creative control for our customers.

When I worked in customer support, I found myself constantly reassuring customers using the old editor that they could ignore unused image and text boxes because Emma wouldn't send them.

But you know what? It's a lot to ask customers to imagine those placeholders aren't there. With Emma's new editor, you're in control, and it's easy to delete the content areas you don't need and just know that what you see on the screen is what's going to send.

Besides, I much prefer to free up customers' imaginations to dream up the most compelling headline copy, the most eye-catching images and the most irresistible subject lines. 

So save your creative thinking for the important stuff. 

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