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Video content, layout options and a whole bunch of enhancements

A roundup of new features and improvements to your Emma account

It officially feels like summer in Nashville, where our development teams have been hard at work on a slew of new features, bug fixes and let’s-make-things-even-more-awesome kinds of enhancements all over the application. Let's check 'em out.

New features for the drag & drop editor

+ Video block — Easily pull YouTube or Vimeo content into your mailings with the new video block, which grabs a still from your video, adds a player overlay on top of it and links that image to the YouTube or Vimeo link you provide.

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+ Preheader text — You can now add a supplement to your subject line or tease your mailing content with this optional field on the Review & Send page. The copy you add to the “preheader text” field will appear in subscribers' inboxes as small gray text under the subject line before they even open the mailing — so it’s a really easy and effective way to entice more of your contacts to open.

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+ Rows — If you're in a multi-column layout, you can now turn on a single-column row above your main content area. It’s great for big headlines, hero images and other marquee content you want to span the width of your mailing. You can also turn on a bottom row for advertising banners, social follow icons or other full-width content you’d like to feature at the end of your email.

Using rows in your Emma mailings »


Account admin changes

+ Country name options — You now have the option to change your default country abbreviation to the full country name. Remember that a real physical address is required by the Can-Spam Act of 2003.

Change your country abbreviation to the full name »

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+ In-account warning about certain “From” email addresses — Yahoo! and AOL recently implemented policies that tell ISP's to reject email with a or From address that do not originate from their mail servers.

It's likely that other email providers will follow suit, and since this affects emails sent from an outside application (i.e., Emma) for any customer using a From address at those domains, we’ve set up a warning on the Settings & Billing page and Review & Send page.

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Workflow improvements: The drag & drop editor

+ Our autosave feature prevents you from losing your edits while working in the drag & drop editor, but we heard reports from many customers that it was kicking in too often. We’ve extended the autosave interval a bit so that it saves less frequently while you’re working in the editor, and we’ve increased the frequency of autosaves on the Review & Send page to make the “Send now” button activate faster once you’ve filled out your delivery details.

+ Image captions were previously tied to their associated images, so replacing an image wiped out the caption text as well. Now, you can replace an image without losing your caption content.

Workflow improvements: Sending & scheduling mailings

+ Some users reported that their scheduled mailing was sent twice if they clicked their browser’s “Back” button and attempted to re-schedule the mailing at a different time. We’ve added a new interaction when you click “Back” in this situation. Now you’re warned when you’re about to schedule a second send and can choose to cancel the original one.

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+ We’ve sped up the initial load time for the modal that pops up when you create a new trigger on the Review & Send page. Previously, the modal was waiting to display until all mailings were loaded, which was only necessary when you wanted to set up a link-based trigger. Now, the modal loads much more quickly and only pulls in your list of mailings if you’ve selected the link trigger option.

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Workflow improvements: Managing your contacts

+ Previously, if you clicked “Edit this segment,” we created a new segment for you with those edits, instead of simply saving your changes to the existing segment. That was just a bit confusing, so we’ve changed the behavior to match what you’re clicking.

+ If you use Firefox 26 or higher, you’ve likely had trouble getting your audience segments to save correctly — but not anymore! This is now fixed.

+ This was an odd one: If you edited the email address of an existing contact by giving them the email address of a previously deleted contact, you’d get an error. We changed this so that you can choose to undelete that old contact or just continue editing the active contact as you please.

+ Several customers reported that they couldn’t import a list due to an error related to special characters in the file name, but there weren’t any special characters in the file name. It’s now fixed!

Miscellaneous bug fixes

+ Some time zone troubles were causing inaccuracies in the open/click graph for some customers, but this is now fixed.

+ We saw some weird behavior with linked text wrapped in parentheses or square brackets, such as a phantom space appearing between the opening parenthesis and the linked text. This is now fixed.

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