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The best of the blog 2015

Our goal here on the Emma blog is to post content that helps marketers work a little smarter and get better at what they do – and hopefully have a good time in the process. We wrote A LOT of blog posts this year, but these are the top 10 our readers liked the best. They’re the most popular, most helpful, or just flat out most fun. As always, thanks for reading, and we'll see you around these parts in 2016. Cheers!

Brilliant examples of brands killing it with email marketing

All these examples are definitely easy on the eyes, but they were also crafted with a purpose: Each email showcases a super smart (and effective!) marketing tactic.

10 creative uses for animated GIFs in email

These days, more and more marketers are using GIFs in their emails. They're such a fun way showcase new products, add an element of surprise to your messages, and peak the interest of your subscribers. So if you're looking for a little GIF-spiration, here are some favorites that recently hit our inbox.

9 sizzling marketing stats from this summer

We gathered these sizzling stats over the summer months to help marketers develop the best game plan possible as the weather grew cooler and the holiday season went into full swing.

How to send your most relevant email ever

You’re not only competing with other brands for your subscribers’ attention; you’re also competing with their bosses, their mothers, their kid’s teachers… you know, people that they know and love or, at the very least, probably need to pay attention to. Here’s how to make your emails more relevant to your audience, and ultimately, much more likely to convert.

What Star Wars taught us about email marketing

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is unavoidable, so we couldn’t help but think about our own work in terms of the saga and its many beloved characters. What email marketing strategy would Han Solo be? What about Yoda? (We didn’t bother with Jar Jar, because you’re welcome.)

13 Cyber Monday emails that absolutely blew us away

This is the true A-Team of this year's Cyber Monday: the brands that, despite their competitors' best efforts and the sheer volume of it all, managed to win us over with incredible emails. Read on to see the best of the best from the holiday weekend, along with the strategies that made them stand out in a stuffed-to-the-brim inbox.

The recipe for Mario Batali's amazing email click rate

You know what they say: Behind every celebrity chef is a master email marketer. (Do they not say that? We could have sworn…) For celebrity chef Mario Batali, that marketer is his Communications Director, Pam Lewy. We chatted with Pam about her experience marketing for Mario. We learned a lot, and we think you will too!

5 automated emails smart marketers send

If you're in the marketing game, you already know that automation is key to reaching the right audience at the right time. But do you know which automated emails will get you the best results? Our infographic breaks it down.

What's the most effective digital marketing channel?

It’s email. I know you’re shocked, SHOCKED, that an email marketing company is singing that tune. But don’t just take our word for it. The latest research and stats are also beating the drum that email not only drives big time results, but it also gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Here’s what we found...

Building brand advocates with user-generated content

More and more people are using social media platforms to share their self-image – and, as a fundamental part of that, the brands they love – with the world. Here’s how marketers can make the most of it to create even more loyal brand fans.