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Starting fresh in the New Year

5 tips for a better 2013, or as I like to call it, next week

My Google Reader is out of control.

I finally set up the aggregator with the intention of more easily following industry news – look, Ma, I’m an adult now! – but making use of it has become an overwhelming practice rushed through on lunch breaks, jelly sandwich in hand.

With a sticky keyboard and taking cues from the Reader debacle, I’ve come up with five tips for starting fresh in the New Year. These are as much for myself as for you, so hold me accountable.

1. Quiet the noise.

You’re likely skipping over some of the blogs you’re following, so what’s keeping you from cutting the fat?

Following 10 blogs isn’t more productive than keeping up with five, if you’re not finding value in the content. When done the right way, writing engages, leads to more business and results in sales.

Get rid of what doesn’t inspire you, even if it’s a much-heralded source. Lately, I’ve been choosing blogs based on how shareable they are, which takes me to:

2. Carefully curate your social brand.

Understanding the differences among your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn audiences is key to knowing how to encourage them to participate.

Facebook is more visual, while I find myself sharing more article links from Twitter and thoughtful company profiles at LinkedIn.

Your overarching branding and voice are the same, but the type of meaningful content you share and the stage on which you share your message is altered based on the platform; you shouldn’t blanket your social media with copy-and-paste laziness.

3. Adopt new features.

I don’t mean funny glasses and a mustache here – although, if you do don these, point us to your Instagram, por favor – but rather the exciting new tools we’re offering: a drag-and-drop email campaign editor, readymade holiday templates and the ability to split test three subject lines are just a few.

We give early access to soon-to-come features on Twitter, so follow us if you're interested in beta testing our new social tool before we launch it later in the year. 

4. Revamp your email design.

You’re likely already optimizing your email campaigns for mobile devices. (Here are some tips, if you’re just catching up.)

While you should make 2013 the year you try one of our readymade templates, design to us means more than just good looks – What’s your marketing campaign’s approach? Do your scheduled mailings address your audience’s habits? Are your triggers as considered and successful as they could be?

5. Stand up while on phone calls.

2012 was the year of the deathly office chair. How many studies this year showed that sitting down for six or more hours a day increased your waistline and risk of diabetes?

Take stretching breaks, ask if your boss will invest in a stand-up desk, skip the longer route to the office kitchen and revise your will. Dibs on your new iPhone.

How are you starting fresh in the New Year? By leaving comments on blog posts you read all the way to the end? Why, thank you. 


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