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Move over, Emeril…

Sam the Cooking Guy
And meet Sam the Cooking Guy. We just heard the news that Sam Zien, one of the first folks to start using Emma back in the day, will be starring in his own cooking show every Thursday at 8 pm on the Discovery Health Channel. That's national television, people. We adore Sam for lots of reasons, but don't take our word for it. Here are his own:

"With no fancy equipment and by speaking English instead of ‘chef-speak,’ I’m sort of the everyman of television cooking. The show is shot right in my house â€" and I cook with my kids, dogs and neighbors occasionally around â€" just like we all do. There’s no fois gras…no white truffle oil, no ‘Peruvian mountain-raised squab in sesame-lime-soy marinade stuffed with braised forest turnips and wild inoki mushrooms in a hand pressed plum and raspberry glaze.’ I’m just a regular guy, using regular words showing how to cook easy, great food."

And to that, we simply say, "Yum." And also maybe "Nice goin', Sam." Watch back-to-back episodes of Just Cook This every Thursday at 8 pm. And get to know Sam by signing up for his (stylish!) email newsletter and visiting his site.
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