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More details on our new API

How to access Emma's API for custom integration with other programs

This week, we launched a new website & brand treatment and began rolling out a new editor, template gallery, and a few other smart features to support our customers' email marketing efforts. At the heart of these account enhancements is our new API.

A little background on the API

The API (which, if you're not familiar with the term, is an interface that developers can use to get other programs talking with Emma) is actually the foundation upon which we built our new platform for the Emma app. It's how we were able to build and release our new design tools, subscriber notifications, social sharing enhancements and Google Analytics integration. In the coming months, you'll see even more exciting features added to your Emma account, and that's all because of the flexibility and power of the API.

Our development team built the API last year, and they have been migrating customer accounts to our new platform for the past several months. We're nearing the end of that migration process, so most customers now have access to our public API right inside their account. We've also completed our documentation for users, which you can read here.

To access the API, head to your account settings and click the API key tab.

What's next

We'll be working on our own set of integrations to make available to our customers, (our Salesforce integration and iPhone app are just a couple projects in the pipeline), but the beauty of the API is that any developer can use it to build just about anything. From simple calls that add audience members from outside Emma to more complex integrations with sophisticated CRMs, it's all possible. In fact, one of our agency partners, Mightybites, has already begun building integrations for clients using the API. We shared their story on the blog earlier this year.

For tech folks like me, the API is the darling of all the work we've done to make Emma better over the last year or so. It's not as obvious as some of the other features we've worked on, but it has the potential for endless integration with other apps and databases, and I'm excited to see how it gets used by the Emma community.

How do you plan to use the API? Comment below to let us know.