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It’s science! These 12 brain secrets will change your email design

We find brain science endlessly fascinating. It’s so cool to learn how many of our opinions are formed by the subconscious mind in the most primitive part of our brain (it’s called the amygdala, in case you were wondering). It rules our gut reactions, so when you think about design, think about how to please the amygdala.

And there’s so much we can do as marketers to appeal to the primitive brain and how we’re hardwired. For example, did you know that somewhere between 62-90% of our feeling about a product is determined by color alone? That’s crazy! It’s the height of marketing geekery, and we love it.

That’s why we developed this handy guide featuring 12 of the most interesting brain facts we could find – complete with quick tips on how to apply them to your email design. Your amygdala will approve.

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