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How Gmail’s decision to display images will affect your open rates

A note from our product team about this latest change

Yesterday, Gmail announced a change to how their service handles images. From now on, Gmail will display images in emails by default, rather than forcing users to click a link allowing images to display. 

Gmail's latest change is actually pretty good news for email marketers, and it's great news for folks like Emma customers, who put time and effort into building great-looking, balanced emails. Now Gmail recipients will see our messages as intended, in all their well-crafted, image-driven glory.

This change does have some implications on the response tracking side as well, since Emma tracks email opens using images.

Quick technical sidebar: Emma embeds a tiny, invisible image in every email we send. Then, when your recipients open your email, we track the request for our tiny invisible image along with the images you've added to your mailing. That's how we know who opened - we simply count which recipient requested our tiny, invisible image and add those folks to the list of 'opens' in your response section.

So, the additional good news here is our open tracking should get a little better with this new change from Gmail. Now that images are on by default, our open tracking will be that much more reliable. It's a double-whammy, win-win kinda thing, which doesn't happen that often with our Google friends, but I guess it *is* that time of year, right? 

How have our own Gmail tests fared in this new image-lovin' landscape?

Find out (and share your thoughts and questions!) in Emma Community.

Grey is Director of Market Strategy at Emma, connecting our view into the online marketing landscape to Emma's product roadmap.