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How Emma customers make classrooms better

An update on giving back efforts

You may not realize this, but every new Emma customer is making a difference in our country's classrooms.

For a few years now, Emma has been donating $5 for every account a new customer activates with us. And at the end of each quarter, Emma staffers add up the totals and hand-pick projects from classrooms across the country to fulfill. It's just one of the ways Emma gives back, and it’s been nothing short of rewarding.

Whether it’s purchasing updated textbooks for an inner city classroom, or starting a coffee kiosk for autistic high school students so they can learn valuable life skills, teachers who dream big for the students but have little to no budget post their projects at in hopes that someone will partner with them and help make those drams come true. At Emma, we love to dream big, so putting our profits to work in classrooms was a no-brainer.

Since we couldn't pull off something like dream granting without our customers, we wanted to share the very best part of the experience with you. Here are some heart-warming notes we received from teachers’ whose classrooms have benefited from our financial donations:

Headsets for Computer Science Students

First of all, I cannot express enough our appreciation for your kind donation for our class project. My students ask me daily where these wonderful headsets came from, and I'm eager to say that there are wonderful people in this world who care about each one of them. They are amazed, overwhelmed, and very appreciative of your generosity. I've even witnessed these students "paying it forward" with other activities at our school because of the impact each one of you has had on their lives. I'm am proud to say these students use these headsets to help them focus on their daily assignment without any interruptions. The students have been able to do certain online assignments that require them to use these headsets. 

Again, thank you very being an integral part of their learning and showing them the gift of generosity!

With Gratitude,
Mr. Harris

Making History Relevant!

Thank you so much for your donations that have really made a difference in my classroom! My students were very excited to receive them and learn that they would be able to use them instead of their outdated textbooks...
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With Gratitude,
Ms. Gann

Clay! Clay! Clay!

The kids loved this project, from beginning to end. During the wet stages, they were excited to create something with their hands (and that it was super messy.) When their glazed works came out of the kiln, they were amazed how transformed their pots were...
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With Gratitude, 
Mrs. Torrance

Our Coffee Cart Business!

I am overwhelmed with emotions as I read your message to our class. I cannot find the words to show my gratitude to Emma Email Marketing. I am so thankful to all of you at Emma Marketing who have taken the time to read about my class of wonderful students...
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With Gratitutde, 
Ms. Rogers

So, members of the Emma community, thank you for making these sweet notes possible. And if you're interested in learning more or contribusting on your own, head to