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Emma Social recap: The Secret Agent edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

As far as we’re concerned, “spy” ranks pretty high on the top ten list of most ideal jobs ever (after rock star, professional beer taster and, of course, email marketer). Secret agents drive the coolest cars, get to use all the best gadgets and spend their 9-5 running around the world on top-secret missions – all while looking suave in absurdly expensive Armani suits.

It sounds like a pretty awesome gig (aside from the whole constant-threat-of-death thing), which is probably why spy movies are so popular with us common folk whose jobs involve offices and team meetings instead of high-stakes poker games and car chases. And since the newest Mission: Impossible movie is coming out this weekend, we decided to give it some love on the blog. Check out the post below, then be sure to investigate (covertly, of course) the rest of the links from this week!

Happy spying! 

Best practices
How to review email results in three minutes or less 
Mission: Impossible – Email Marketing
Quick fixes to make your website more mobile friendly

Emma news
Meet the faces behind Emma. 
Want to become part of the team? We’re hiring!
An interview with the Jane Goodall Institute

Fun finds
Adorable baby elephant caught chasing birds 
Watch the trailer for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Our most popular tweet of the week


And lastly, a favorite from our own feed



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