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6 favorite things about Metric, Emma’s iPhone app

Earlier this month we released Metric, a new iPhone app that lets Emma customers take their email results on the go and assigns sent emails a Mailing Score, which is an all-new metric (see what we did there?) that helps you understand your email’s performance in a whole new way.

I’m the person who presses Send on emails from Emma, and I’ve been using Metric to track the results of our past several send-offs. It’s no secret that my penchant for Metric borders on obsession…


…but I'm here to break down the top 6 things I love about it.

1. The Mailing Score

Twenty-four hours after you press Send in your account, Metric assigns a Mailing Score that puts your email’s performance in the context of the millions of emails Emma sends each day.

Now, I’m the sender of emails for Emma because I’m good at words. (Can you say “good at words” and still be good at words?) I’m not, however, the greatest data analyst. When asked, “How did yesterday’s email perform?” I spout off open and click rates with the best of them, but sometimes it’s hard for me to distinguish between a pretty good email and a great email, results-wise.

That’s where the Mailing Score comes in. It surfaces a single data point that lets you know precisely how any email performed, and even compare it to your past mailings on the leaderboard.

2. Easy sharing

When checking results on Metric, you can click the icon in the top right corner of your phone to share a screen grab with colleagues, your clients, your boss, your mom — you name it. Text or email your results with a little note, or if you’re feeling bold, show off your best Mailing Score ever on Twitter or Facebook.

Last week, we let lots of staffers connect their Metric app to Emma’s own Emma account. So when results started rolling in from our email announcement to customers, we all got the push notification and were able to track the opens, clicks and shares together, in real time.

3. The push notifications

Speaking of push notifications, how great are those? Metric sends you an alert when your results start to tally, so you don’t need to hang around your computer or remember to check the app at a certain time.

And you get another notification at the 24 hour mark, letting you know your email has been assigned a Mailing Score. (Don’t stop checking in, though — your Mailing Score can increase in the days following!)

4. The time scrubber

If you missed the push notification or want to know when your opens and clicks really started to take off, use the scrubber to travel back in time — the animation makes it fun, and you might learn something cool about your audience while you swipe your fingertip to change your view.


5. Mobile email view

When you’re viewing the results of any mailing, scroll up to review the email itself. Being able to peek at your content not only reminds you of what you sent, it shows you how your mobile audience viewed your email. And since more than half of all email gets opened on a mobile device, the perspective can help you make smarter design decisions — like using a mobile-optimized template or putting your call to action closer to the top of the email. (Note: You can also use the built-in Preview button in the drag & drop editor to see how your email will look on phones and tablets *before* you press send.)


6. The conversations

At Emma, we’re buzzing about Metric. Meetings kick off with an open and click report. We’re texting screen grabs to each other. We’re barely even talking about this season of The Bachelorette (okay, that’s just wishful thinking). And we’re creating emails with our Mailing Score in mind, which makes email marketing feel fun, but this “gamification” is all about real results, and all of our emails are going to benefit from it.

So what’s your favorite thing about Metric? Leave a comment and let me know!