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52 email template designs for modern, mobile marketers

Next time you click to Create a new mailing in the drag & drop editor, be sure to take a fresh look at Emma’s template gallery. Why? Because we just added 52 super-streamlined, crazy-easy-to-brand templates that will modernize your email marketing.

Find our latest streamlined designs in the Template gallery, starting just below our specialty collections.

Here are 3 big ideas that went into the building of these new designs:

1. Your logo matters.

Our existing designs in the gallery are gorgeous, and great design elements are baked right in – so it’s easy to just add your content and press Send. But we know that a lot of our customers want to start with a simplified design that features their logo front and center, and many of our older designs didn’t offer that. That's why each of the new templates comes with an editable "Your Logo Here" image.

Every new design comes with a slot for your logo. Just click the placeholder logo to swap it out.

2. We should all be designing for mobile first.

According to our friends at Litmus, over half of all email opens happen on a mobile device. Sure, all of Emma’s templates are responsive (and you can see how your content shifts with our Mobile Preview feature), but this latest batch also boasts thinner headers, and they aren’t weighed down by their design elements. These simpler designs create a better mobile experience while still looking fantastic on larger screens. 

I used Mobile Preview to show you how stylish these templates look on screens of all sizes.

3. The most effective way to customize a template is with your content.

It’s true: Your brand story — and the value you provide in the inbox — is directly tied to the images and words you use convey it. In short, these new designs show off your content like never before. So when you add your own eye-catching image and compelling copy to one of these new designs, you don't see a template at all. You just see your story shining through.


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