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5 easy steps to your best mobile-friendly email

How to make sure your email is screen-agnostic

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Synergy. Ecosystem. Thought leadership. And now, screen-agnostic. New corporate jargon we all may be rolling our eyes at in six months. But according to, it’s the latest buzzword for a multi-device brand experience, and here’s why it’s important to email marketers:

So how can you be prepared for all the different devices your customers are using to view your email? Here are 5 tools that make mobile-optimization a cinch:

Once mobile-optimized, your email will look great on any device your recipients might be using.

1.  Mobile-optimized templates
Mobile-optimized templates do a lot of the work for you and make for a better experience across devices. All of our readymade templates are already responsive, or if you're using a custom template, our Design Team can make it responsive so that it looks great on any size screen.

2.  Mobile preview
Using a mobile preview tool is a quick and easy way to see how your mobile-optimized mailing responds on different devices before you hit send.

3.  Social icon links
Add links to your social profiles to make it easier for contacts to pull up your pages and connect on the devices they're glued to while checking their social networks.

4.  Social sharing
Add icons to your mailings to let recipients share your content on their social sites. If you're using an optimized template, then these icons should be easily tappable on mobile devices.

5.  Mobile buttons
Apple recommends using mobile buttons that are 46 px squared, the perfect size for the human fingertip. These buttons are large and easy to click on a small screen.

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