What we’re reading now: on autoresponders, iPad apps and more

The latest don't-miss articles for agencies and business owners

Today’s installment of our reading series contains some great agency- and client-specific posts that you may have missed. Kick back with a cup of coffee and check out the articles I’ve been bookmarking.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

Things we love: Buttons that call the shots

Why buttons make a believer (and a buyer) out of me

I had an epiphany not long ago, as I was checking email one minute and somehow shopping for “fridge solutions” the next. Did I think I had a fridge problem to solve before I opened this email? No. Did I somehow click the button anyway? Uh-huh.

So what happened? In fact, the email was so remarkably eye-catching and the button so effective that it lured me in. I think this idea of buttons as, well, bait is one worth exploring …

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Sexy, new fangled email statistic

OK, maybe it's not, but ...

Sometimes we get caught up in so many of the *other* reasons that email marketing makes sense, that we lose sight of the one that really matters: email works. The DMA estimates that in 2011, it brought back over $40 for every single dollar spent.

It’s staggering, right? While this $40 is certainly an average and not a guarantee, it’s a sign that if you learn about how to do email marketing right, you’re about as close to a marketing sure thing as you can get.

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How to use SEO and SEM in your email marketing

Once more, with feeling: Keyword research helps your business

Today’s guest post is written by Daniel Laws, Jr., founder and president of DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC, a leading Internet marketing company since 2008 and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. DaBrian Marketing Group specializes in search engine marketing & web analytics. Daniel is a blogger, Google AdWords Certified Individual, Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional, Google Analytics Qualified Individual, member of SEMPO & Digital Analytics Association (WAA) and has an M.B.A. with an emphasis in Marketing.

He’s here to share his expertise on search engine optimization and search engine marketing -- and how your business can apply best practices to your email marketing strategy.

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Announcing a change to our opt-out process

A new required button allows subscribers to confirm their opt out

I’m here to share a change to Emma’s opt-out process, effective today. Historically, unsubscribing from an Emma email has been a one-click process; a recipient of an Emma email clicked the opt-out link to unsubscribe immediately from the list. This afternoon, we’re releasing one more step to the opt-out process: a simple screen with a required confirmation button to ensure that the recipient of the email really intends to unsubscribe.


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Death to bot talk

Tips on voice for anybody who writes web stuff

Let’s face it: most companies write marketing copy for the web and email that reads like it was written by a robot.

And nobody likes bots. (See: spambots, twitbots, fembots, that 80s movie with Emilio Estevez where all the semi-trucks come to life.)

I spot this kind of writing all the time in email marketing campaigns — that’s the realm I work in — but it’s just as rampant in every other digital medium.

“The objective of our organization is to provide best-in-class e-commerce solutions that facilitate bottom-line growth.”

Okay, fine, but don’t you just help people sell more stuff?

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What we’re reading now

A roundup of articles for small busness owners and Emma Agencies

If you’re anything like me, then your day consists of asking yourself this question countless times as you scroll through your Twitter app, Facebook feed, Flipboard and RSS reader: Is reading this article going to be worth my time?

Content marketing has afforded us more free resources, case studies and education than we could possibly have time for. In this roundup, I’m cutting through the noise and sharing some of my favorite recent reads.

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Plan your next event with Emma’s help

Tools for creating invitations, managing RSVPs and more

Emma loves a party. And a webinar. And an open house. Emma’s a pro at planning events, and all the tools you need to promote, invite and create follow-ups for your own in-person or online event already exist in your Emma account (and are included in your monthly pricing) — no need to turn to a third-party solution to handle e-vites. Check out these simple steps for planning your next event with Emma.

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