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Making the most of hashtags in social media

Why your social strategy should be more than "Put a hashtag on it"

Have you noticed all the buzz around hashtags recently?

You're used to seeing 'em on Twitter, G+ and Instagram. They pop up on the screen when you're watching your favorite TV show (read: Shark Tank) or the commericals that air in between contestants' business pitches to the sharks. (We're still talking about Shark Tank, right?)

Take a look at your own social feeds. Some people – and brands – embrace hashtags, while others avoid them altogether. Whether you love them or hate them, it seems like hashtags are here to stay. 

And to help you make the most of them, I've outlined a few tips and considerations for your hashtag use.

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With Emma, you're in good company. Meet our Customers.

Emma Social recap: The SoBro edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

Emma is headquartered i in the Nashville district known as SoBro (that's South of Broadway if you're mashup-averse). It's a growing hub for technology companies and startups, and we get together with our neighbors from time to time for drinks, snacks, socializing and general merriment. What other social happenings went down this week? Here's a roundup from our Twitter and Facebook feeds:

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3 steps to a perfect survey send-off

Use readymade email templates and SurveyMonkey integration to create a great experience in the inbox

SurveyMonkey is known by marketers everywhere as the leading tool for collecting feedback, data or just general information about your audience. And Emma's new integration with SurveyMonkey makes it easier than ever to get that information quickly and in style. Check out the 1-2-3 of a perfect survey sendoff:

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Emma now integrates with SurveyMonkey!

Connect your accounts for one-click access to the leading online survey tool

If you're in the business of creating online surveys to collect feedback from customers, volunteers, and colleagues, then you're probably a fan of SurveyMonkey. Well, we've got great news! Now in Emma, you can connect with your SurveyMonkey account and have one-click access to surveys that you link to right from your mailing. It's the easiest way to send your survey invitation in style.

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Emma Social recap: The Kanban edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

It's been a busy week here at the Emma shop. We caught some folks hanging around the Thunderdome in front of our Kanban board. We've been working on some really exciting things on that are up on that board, and we can't wait to share them with you. We'll have more on that next week. In the meantime, check out the happenings from the world wide web and if there are any other Kanban fans in the house, leave us a comment and let us know!

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Master the drag & drop editor with new video tutorials

Follow the steps to building your own layout, making design changes and more

All customers now have access to the drag & drop editor, where we recently released valuable features like subject line split testing, built-in stock images and free readymade email templates designed specifically for thank you notes and invitations.

Whether you're new to the drag & drop editor or you've already fallen in love with it (as I have), this new series of short, how-to videos walks you through the steps creating gorgeous emails in less time.

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The ultimate email marketing mistake

3 quick tips to avoid getting personalization all wrong

Personalization in email is great. It's a perfect way to connect with your audience on, you know, a personal level. It could even boost your campaign open rate. But when you get the personalization wrong, it can put off an amateur feel or even worse, make your reader feel like they aren't at all important to you leading to an unsubscribe. We've got 3 quick recommendations to make sure your emails come accross sincerely in the most politely personal way.

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Emma Social recap: The Fantasy Baseball edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

Have your fantasy baseball teams been off to a great start? Over here in the Emma shop, Big League Chewie, Wookie Season and #FreeCharlieHustle are swinging for the fences. That strategy Sounds a lot like: "Should I be starting a new pitcher every day?" If Fantasy baseball is a bit off base for you, We've got you covered with a different type of strategy. The digital type to be exact. Don't strike out. Check out some links we pitched this week and walk into the weekend with home run advice. See what I did there?

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The easiest way to use social media to boost your ROI

Sometimes it's all about responding when your name is called

When savvy shopper W. Mark Whitlock took to the Twittersphere earlier this week, he had a goal in mind: Find out if he's partnering with the right email service provider.

That's something that you see pretty often on social media, and asking for advice on Twitter is a great way to get recommendations from peers. It's also a great way to feel out brands that take great care of customers over social media.

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Responsive design for email marketing: Q&A

More on mobile-optimized emails from Emma's experts

A couple weeks ago, you heard right from the horses’ mouths the case made for mobile optimization when it comes to designing emails.

Those horses are back (don’t they ever stay in their pen?) with more about optimizing your content’s display for whatever device your audience is using to consume it.

Rather than design a specific version for tablets, smartphones, etc. that might overlook certain types of tablet or web users with different monitors and resolutions, responsive design allows you to customize your work in a way that regardless the way you view the content, it’s going to look right – or left, depending on the flow of traffic.

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