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More great updates to our drag & drop editor

Details on the latest upgrades

In the month since our toolbar upgrade, we've been busy with additional enhancements and bug fixes to give you an even cleaner, faster experience working with the drag & drop editor.

To start, we attacked some known issues that came with the upgrade. These bugs are now resolved:

Hitting Enter to start a new line of text after anything other than the ‘Paragraph’ style always sets the new line to ‘Paragraph,’ regardless of the previous style set used
Linked text does not change color when applying a new font color to multiple lines of text
Linked text does not become bold when applying bold formatting to multiple lines of text

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Emma Social recap: The Entrepreneur edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

This week's social recap is in honor of all of the entrepreneurs out there.  Whether you're in the thick of starting your own business, working at a startup or just really into Shark Tank (like I am),  we can all rally around the heart of a start up. So, before you head off into the weekend, industrious ol' buddy, ol' pal,  be sure to check out the Emma News section to read about Emma's early days in startup-ness. And, don't forget! Shark Tank is on tonight 8/7CST. I'll bring the popcorn.

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How a change from Yahoo! will affect your email delivery

3 tips for getting ahead of the news

As of July 15, 2013, Yahoo! has decided to release email addresses that have not been active in the last 12 months. Read how this affects email marketers, and learn what you can do to keep your list fresh in your Emma account.

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Emma Social recap: The National Pecan Pie Day edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

It's National Pecan Pie day! So in addition to a roundup of great links from the web this week, we also have the not-so-official results on how to pronounce the word "pecan." I polled my brilliant colleagues (who are well-versed email *and* snack food), and in a landslide win of 18-6, "puh-cahn" beat "pee-can." There were also several write-in votes for "pih-cahn."

Whether you love pecans, pecan pie or you're just nuts about great content, here are your best practices and fun finds for the week:

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3 lessons from an email marketing blunder

How one taco shop got it wrong (but still makes really delicious tacos)

When my favorite taco shop, a regional chain, opened in my neighborhood, I was thrilled. I showered them with love on social media, talked up their delicious food and great service with my friends and colleagues, and of course, signed up for their emails.

A weekly email featuring lunch and dinner specials soon started hitting my inbox every Sunday night, encouraging me to come in and try the featured taco special. The only problem? The closing message in the email read, "We're closed on Mondays."

After a few weeks, I grew curious: Why consistently promote your business the night before the one day you're not actually open for business? It seemed like a strange choice, but I figured they knew something I didn't. Maybe they'd surveyed their audience, or maybe they'd done some A/B testing and their open rates were simply higher on Sundays.

I crafted a reply to one weekly email in the hopes of getting an answer. What happened next revealed three email marketing lessons for any business.

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Emma Social recap: The Here Comes July edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

We've rounded up a few of the best links the web had to offer this week. Go ahead and get your dose of best practices and fun finds because the next time you return to your desk it will be July. Don't panic. Just get those sparklers handy!

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Taking your social media marketing offline

Do social icons make sense in static places?

You've likely seen Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social icons in places you can't click them. Social icons first popped up on websites and emails as a quick clickable way to let your web following know where to find you on those social channels.

But now, you can find them on billboards, the sides of moving vehicles, print ads and other non-clickable places. This trend seems to be moving pretty quickly, so we took to our social spaces to find out if this made sense to our followers. We got a lot of interest in the topic – everyone seemed to have an opinion!

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Emma Social recap: The Mobile-Mobile-Mobile edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

Since launching the Brainiac Guide to Mobile Email, we've spent this past month sharing all kinds of expertise about mobile marketing, from both our own smarty-pants staffers and some of our trusted friends and partners. Next week, Emma's heading to HOW Design Live in San Francisco to mingle with designers and marketers, and our own creative director Chris Korbey will speak on designing for the mobile inbox. If you're SF-bound, be sure to come say hello, and don't leave home without reading these favorite articles from our social feed this week. 

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