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What we’re reading at Emma

Here at Emma, we writers do a whole lotta... well, writing.

But we also do a lot of reading, and so do the rest of our staffers! After all, it’s important that we all stay up to date on the latest marketing trends, tech news, stats – really, anything that touches the world of email. And, if we’re being honest, sometimes we just need a good article or two to break up the work day.

Since there’s a LOT of content out there – some good, some very bad – we thought we’d share some of our favorite go-to resources with you guys. Check ‘em out, learn a thing or two, and kill some time with us, won’t you? You might just find a new favorite blog. (Aside from ours, of course!)

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

MU Speaker Spotlight: Josie Fox of Tito’s Vodka

Meet Josie Fox.

She’s the content coordinator for Tito's Handmade Vodka. When we got to know Josie after Tito's became an Emma customer, we knew we had to get her on stage at Marketing United 2016. Tito's has a fascinating brand story, and after reading this quick interview with Josie, you'll see why we're so excited to have her tell us all about it.

And just a heads up, the Advanced rate for Marketing United tickets ends soon! Register today and get $100 off.

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5 super creative email Easter egg hunts

Let’s be honest for a second: Even as an adult, watching from the sidelines as toddlers wildly forage for brightly-colored eggs… don’t you kind of want to get in on the action?

Well, you aren’t the only one. Easter egg hunts are just plain fun – they’re competitive, exciting, and result in all kinds of sweet rewards. And utilizing the concept in your email marketing is a fantastic way to get your subscribers more engaged with your brand and, in many cases, pull them back to your website (hello, conversions!).

Here are 5 brands who found creative ways to host their own email “Easter egg hunt.” Try it for yourself – it’s a great way to add a little springtime fun to your email campaigns!

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11 new content ideas to inspire your email marketing

Drawing a blank on what to send subscribers in your next email campaign? Trust us – we’ve all been there. So if you’re feeling stuck, here are 11 ideas that go beyond the typical promotion or special offer to help you blast right through that nasty case of email marketer’s block. Feel free to take ‘em, tweak 'em, and make 'em your own.

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The secret to email success isn’t luck

Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of every rainbow was the secret to email marketing success? As marketers, it’s all too easy to wish for a magic solution to our biggest challenges – something that could increase open rates, compel people to click, and drive an audience to convert. So here’s some great news: That solution exists.

…well, kind of. It isn’t the luck of the Irish or some sort of magic spell – it’s testing. And even though it requires a little bit of effort on your part, the rewards are great. By simply testing different elements of your campaigns and paying attention to the results, you can build a more successful email program in no time.

Want to see how it’s done? Here are five different elements you can test to boost your open and click rates – no four-leaf clover necessary.

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How email and great content can fuel your buyer’s journey

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is finding ways to direct an audience from awareness and interest down the path toward actual conversion.

If you’re not getting leads, or if your leads aren’t converting, they’re falling off at various points in your sales funnel. So you have to find ways to fill the gaps with useful, valuable, and compelling content to successfully keep them moving along. Thankfully – much like a good, wholesome breakfast fuels a solid day – email and great content work together to energize your leads (so don’t skip ‘em). Here’s a look at how combining them will help drive more conversions for your brand.

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How email helps Car Talk drive incredible results

The beloved NPR show Car Talk continues to live on and connect with fans through digital channels that were established years ago: The web site was established in 1995. Facebook came not long after the social media network started. Twitter and Instagram followed. And the podcast remains one of the most popular in iTunes. Car Talk's digital channels have grown substantially in recent years, as the entity reinvents itself and enters a new era.

They also make a point to reach their fans in the inbox every week with two Car Talk newsletters. And they’re seeing some impressive results.

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Should you be using emojis in your subject lines?

It’s a deceptively simple concept: Use an emoji in your email subject line, and it’ll help you capture more attention in the inbox. After all, it’s an easy way to stand out, and everyone loves a good emoji…right?

Maybe not. The whole emojis-in-subject-lines thing is actually a pretty divisive issue, and marketing experts have come down on both sides as to whether or not the practice is effective. 

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4 brands taking email personalization to the next level

In the mad chaos that is the modern inbox, you’re not just competing against other brands – you’re also competing against real people your subscribers know, like, and trust.

So every time your recipients invest the time to open your email, they’re expecting the same kind personal experience they’d get from someone they actually know. And if they don’t get it, they’re gone – 56% of people unsubscribe from emails due to content that’s no longer relevant to them (Chadwick Martin Bailey). But when you get that subscriber experience right, it leads to major results.

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