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Look who’s speaking at Marketing United

When we first decided to make Marketing United (April 18-20 in Nashville) a real thing, we made a promise to ourselves we’d only host a conference if it was one we’d actually want to attend. That starts with an unbeatable lineup of speakers. Sure, they’re not wearing capes (that you can see), but this lineup is super. Times eleven. And we can’t wait to see them take the stage in April.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

The Academy Awards of Email: 6 Oscar-worthy campaigns

It’s that time again: The 88th annual Academy Awards are this weekend! So in honor of all the accolades, we thought we’d get in on the action ourselves – only instead of starlets and cinematographers, we’re honoring some of the very best email marketers in the biz.

After lots of deliberation, heated arguments and backroom wheeling and dealing, these are our picks. And the winners are…

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How to write email copy that converts

What initially feels like a futile mission actually presents an interesting challenge: Knowing that your audience is primarily scanning your emails, how can your copy capture their attention and, ideally, get them to convert? Here are a few strategies we’ve seen work – they might just help your email copy go from neglected afterthought to the top spot on the marketing fridge!

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Here’s what a multimillion-dollar email looks like

A world leader in luxury spa vacations, Canyon Ranch drove some seriously impressive multimillion-dollar sales activity from their Cyber Monday email campaign. Here’s a look at how they did it.

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8 brands that have mastered GIFs in email

We’re all about animated GIFs in email. The savviest, most ahead-of-the-curve brands consistently use them for a reason – they increase click rates 42%, conversion rates 103%, and revenue 109% (MarketingSherpa). Today’s marketers aren’t just using GIFs because they’re trendy; they’re using them because they actually work.

In fact, there are a few brands whose emails we always open simply because we know that, more likely than not, they’ll contain some cool GIF action. So here's a shout out to eight brands whose GIF game is always on point. Check 'em out!

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5 marketing lessons we learned from The Bachelor

We just can’t help but be interested in what it tells us about human psychology and, yes, marketing. It may be reality TV (and therefore a less-than-accurate depiction of reality), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still shed some light into what makes people tick. So without further ado, here are five marketing lessons we’ve learned from watching "The Bachelor." Use them in your email program, and you just might earn a rose of your own!

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Emails we love: The brain science edition

If you’ve ever sifted through our content, you already know that we’re mild-to-moderately (ok, very) obsessed with brain science and all the ways it can be applied to email marketing.

It’s fascinating stuff, so we’re constantly reading new studies and collecting fresh stats to add to our arsenal. But the thing that truly gets our hearts racing? When we see real-life marketers using those cognitive biases in the wild to get better results. So we thought we’d share these five email examples that utilize different brain science principles – geek out with us, won’t you?

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How an agency scored a 53% click rate for their client

Element74 is a marketing agency out of Cape Girardeau, MO. Though the team focuses primarily on website and software development, they’ve also started dipping their toes into the world of email marketing (welcome, water feels great).

Currently, the bulk of their email efforts have been focused on one client in particular: Christopher Columbus Condos, a gorgeous beachfront property in the Cayman Islands. “With Christopher Columbus, we're the ones handling every aspect of their email marketing,” explained Toni Eftink, an Element74 project manager. "So we’re really focused on doing it right.”

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8 subject lines we fell in love with 

Valentine’s Day is all about putting in a little extra effort for the ones we love. For some people, that means picking up flowers and chocolate (or, if we’re being honest here, a six pack and pizza) for that special someone – but for email marketers, it means showing your subscribers a little appreciation.

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