A national magazine’s proven email marketing formula

What we learned from Garden & Gun

Most email marketers fight a constant battle to attract and keep their audience’s attention. (Did you know that the average adult’s attention span is only 8 seconds? That’s less than that of a goldfish, friends.)

Not Garden & Gun. The Southern lifestyle brand, anchored by its award-winning magazine, boasts a national audience of more than one million passionate and engaged readers. The G&G brand also has a vibrant online offering, including a blog, online store and email newsletter, Talk of the South.

Kim Alexander, digital media editor for Garden & Gun, faces a different challenge: how to keep all those hungry goldfish, er, readers engaged with enough original content while also growing G&G’s audience. She turned to Emma.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

52 email template designs for modern, mobile marketers

Next time you click to Create a new mailing in the drag & drop editor, be sure to take a fresh look at Emma’s template gallery. Why? Because we just added 52 super-streamlined, crazy-easy-to-brand templates that will modernize your email marketing.

Here are 3 big ideas that went into the building of these new designs:

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The one thing that’ll turbocharge your email list growth

How to create an irresistible lead magnet, plus examples from around the web

Your email list helps you turn momentary web visitors into long-term subscribers. Here's how to create a powerful incentive for your email list (a lead magnet, they're often called), as well as some examples to inspire you.

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Emma Social recap: The Breakfast Wars edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

We've made it to another Friday! We wanted to pick up breakfast this morning to celebrate, but with the breakfast wars in full swing, there are just too many options to please everyone. Even though our brand loyalties may divide us, coffee and bacon will always bring us together. And do you know what goes great with breakfast? Links (both sausage and internet varieties). So grab an Egg McWaffleTacoMuffin™, and check out our favorites from the past week.

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Battle of Nashville: Emma vs. Paramore

A fierce ping-pong competition results in a big win for charity

That rumbling you may have heard in Nashville wasn’t thunder or an earthquake. It was the sound of two titans of table tennis, the Emma Table Tennis Association (ETTA) and Paramore Ping-Pong League (3PL), clashing in a ping-pong paddle battle for the ages.

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From timing to testing: How to create emails that get attention

5 questions from our 8-Second Challenge webinar

During our recent webinar, The 8-Second Challenge, our Director of Concierge Christopher Lester presented a number of ideas on how to create emails for the shrinking attention span. The Q&A that followed generated some great discussion, and we received a ton of excellent questions from the over 500 folks in attendance. Below are some of our favorites, and because you’re some of our best students, we’ll even provide the answers (so put away those cheat sheets).

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Emma Social recap: The Sweet Sixteen edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

It's Friday, and we're right in the middle of the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament. We hope that your favorite team is stil alive (go Dayton Flyers!) and that you're winning your office pool. But if your bracket is anything like ours, it was busted and broken a long time ago. You know what's not broken? The links we've listed below to our favorite articles and social posts from the past week. We assure you that the links are better than that joke. Really.

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How social media + email drives sales

What we're talking about around Emma

A hot topic around the Emma office this week was the recent Kissmetrics article that analyzed the challenge of using social media channels to convert people into paying customers.

We like to talk around Emma. A lot. We had way too many opinions to fit in the area around our office water cooler, so they spilled over into the blog.

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Emma Social recap: The Spring Is Here edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

After a long winter, spring is officially here! Mother Nature may or may not have gotten the memo, but it's Friday and we're in a sunny mood. So put away those longjohns and sweaters, break out the flip-flops and shades, and check out our favorite links of the week (hint: I hope you like ping-pong as much as we do).

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Meet a fashion designer who boosted sales with one simple email

What we learned from Luv Aj

What happens when striking email design marries sound marketing strategy? A blissful union and two high-performing offspring called Sales and Audience Growth. And with those names, probably a few schoolyard scuffles.

Amanda Thomas, jewelry designer and founder of Luv Aj, made lovebirds of design and strategy when she applied Emma’s advice about automated welcome emails to her already successful email design.

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