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MU Speaker Spotlight: Scott Harrison of charity: water

Meet Scott Harrison. He’s the CEO and founder of charity: water, a nonprofit on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries – and he has one of the most anticipated keynotes at Marketing United.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

12 emails that completely captivated us

It’s that time again: We’ve compiled a roundup of the latest and greatest emails to hit our inbox over the past few weeks. All these brands deserve a high five (or at least a slow, appreciative head nod) for some seriously solid marketing. Check out their sends – you might just find inspiration for your next campaign!

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The elements of a top-notch April Fool’s Day email

As marketers, April Fool’s Day is one of our absolute favorite holidays. It gives brands the perfect opportunity to get creative and show off their sense of humor, and it usually leads to some super hilarious campaigns. But that doesn’t mean you can just get away with anything. You should really think about what you’re doing before you press “send” on an April Fool’s Day email.

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MU Speaker Spotlight: Jay Baer of Convince & Convert

If you’re not familiar with Jay, his marketing rap sheet is unmatched. He’s a hype-free, digital marketing pioneer who's consulted for more than 700 companies since 1994. He’s also the founder of Convince & Convert, a New York Times best selling author, and the world’s most retweeted person by digital marketers (mic drop).

So yes, asking Jay to come back for Marketing United 2016 was a no-brainer.

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4 ways to convey urgency in your next email

Chances are, your subscribers don’t love making decisions (to buy, to attend an event, to try out a new restaurant, etc.) on the fly. And that isn’t too surprising – who does? We all love mulling things over, debating options, making lists of the pros and cons… basically, delaying the decision-making process as long as humanly possible.

But marketers are a naturally impatient species – we all want our audience to do what we’re asking them to do right away. After all, a delayed conversion is oftentimes a lost conversion, so it’s important that you get them to act now rather than later.

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MU Speaker Spotlight: Scott Stratten of UnMarketing

For those who haven’t heard of him… wait – how have you not heard of Scott Stratten? He’s the marketing genius who came up with and racked up 80 gazillion page views.

He’s also the man behind UnMarketing who's recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine,,, and Fast Company. Business Review USA named him one of “America’s 10 Marketing Gurus.” On top of that, he was one of our attendees' favorite speakers at our inaugural Marketing United conference in 2015 – we’re talking a full audience of marketers belly laughing and nodding in appreciation (sometimes at the same time).

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New guide! Your brain on email: The science to winning the inbox

Scientists have been conducting research for years to unlock the secrets of the human mind – and we’re pretty obsessed with it. But our synapses really start firing when we think about how brain science can be applied to email marketing.

In our latest guide, we discuss 6 fascinating brain science facts complete with examples of how brands are using them to get better results in the inbox. Here’s an example of the kind of helpful tips and tricks you’ll find inside:

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MU Speaker Spotlight: Kristen Craft of Wistia

Meet Kristen Craft, Director of Business Development at Wistia.

Kristen is a brilliant marketer who’s an expert at crafting (no pun intended, we promise) compelling brand stories and using video to make marketing campaigns more effective. She’s a super smart gal who really knows her stuff, with advanced degrees in business and education from MIT and Harvard – no biggie, right? Plus, she gets tons of cool points for brewing her own craft (we’re done!) beer.

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