5 reasons you’ll love our new template wrapper

Good news, folks! We've given our template wrapper a brand new, stylish makeover. So what exactly is a template wrapper? It's basically the header and footer of an email template that houses all of your email necessities, like the view online link, social sharing buttons, physical address, etc. Here are 5 reasons why you and your audience will love it.

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

How a marketing expert doubled email open rates by creating the “un-newsletter”

What we learned from Hammock

As marketers, we sometimes need to remind ourselves that less is more when it comes to email content (unlike, say, salted caramel brownies). We have so many ideas that we’d like to share with our subscribers that it’s tempting to cram as much into an email as we can. But how can we share content in a way that’s useful and won’t cause email fatigue?

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Emma Social recap: The Undecided edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

There's so much going on this weekend that we couldn't decide on just one theme for this week's recap of our favorite articles and social posts. So, we decided to pick three, and lucky for you, make bad jokes about each one.

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Video content, layout options and a whole bunch of enhancements

A roundup of new features and improvements to your Emma account

It officially feels like summer in Nashville, where our development teams have been hard at work on a slew of new features, bug fixes and let’s-make-things-even-more-awesome kinds of enhancements all over the application. Let's check 'em out.


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Emma Social recap: The National Doughnut Day edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

Today is National Doughnut Day! Chances are good that one of your favorite coworkers brought a box in for the entire department and faces were stuffed, high fives were shared and hilarity ensued. The same scene played out here at Emma and ZZZZzzzzzzzzz……ZZZZzzzzzzz….Sorry, crashed there for a second after the sugar rush. Ok, now that we’ve found our equilibrium, check out these hot, fresh and super sweet links and social posts from the past week.

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Smarter e-commerce marketing with Emma for Shopify

Details on our latest and greatest integration

We're so excited to announce our newest email marketing integration, Emma for Shopify.

Shopify helps people all over the world sell online, and Emma’s integration helps online sellers get better results with their email marketing.

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6 favorite things about Metric, Emma’s iPhone app

Last week we released Metric, a new iPhone app that lets Emma customers take their email results on the go and assigns sent emails a Mailing Score, which is an all-new metric (see what we did there?) that helps you understand your email’s performance in a whole new way. I'm here to break down the top 6 things I love about it.

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3 email strategies busy agencies can’t live without

What we learned from Impact Golf Marketing

As the number one marketer in golf, Impact Golf Marketing (IGM) specializes in custom-built golf marketing strategies and technologies for its clients. Here are the email marketing tools that IGM uses to save time on their clients' email marketing so they can spend more time on strategy and business development.

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Just released! Metric: A free email marketing results app for iPhone

Get real-time email analytics on the go

Have you ever taken a step back and and asked yourself, “How are my emails performing, anyway?” Sometimes it’s hard to get a clear answer.

That’s why we created Metric, a free iPhone app designed to give you real-time email marketing results plus an all-new Mailing Score, which gathers up all the usual data points you care about and surfaces a single score that reflects how your mailing performed.

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