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How Choice Paradox is killing your email click rates

If you want to boost your email click rates, you have to do two things:

1. Make the action you want your subscribers to take abundantly clear.
2. Keep your email design and messaging focused on that action.

Why, you ask? Thanks to something neuroscientists call Choice Paradox, when faced with too many decisions, we won’t make a decision at all.


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The best holiday email marketing: Subject lines

It’s that time again, guys. The holiday season is (almost) officially upon us, which means retail marketers everywhere are bracing themselves for what’s sure to be their most stressful three months of the year.

We want to help ease your holiday woes, so every week this October, we’ll dive into the top email marketing strategies that worked last season. That way, you can develop a solid plan to help you hit your goals and drive more sales than ever before.

First up? Subject lines, the key to boosting your open rates as inboxes quickly get more crowded (and therefore more competitive). These were some of our favorites from 2015.

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Emma now integrates with MINDBODY!

Today, we’re excited to bring Emma’s powerful, team-friendly email marketing and automation tools to MINDBODY customers, helping you convert more clients into full-time members.

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Where in the world is Emma?

This month? All over the place. Here’s a quick look at what we’re getting into this October.

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What’s great email content look like, anyway?

As an email marketer, it’s easy to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty, day-to-day aspect of it all: segmenting your list, checking mailings for deliverability issues, optimizing for plain text and HTML… the list goes on.

But if you’re anything like me, you think this whole email thing can be pretty fun, too. Sure, those little details are what make for great response and conversion rates. But sometimes, you see a mailing that captures your attention for no reason other than the fact that it’s innovative, or interesting, or jaw-droppingly beautiful.

So here’s a tribute to a few of those campaigns that helped remind me why I love email. Check ‘em out!

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Emma just got one stunning makeover

The Emma account interface has a whole new look that makes getting what you need to get done faster and easier than ever.

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Product management lessons from The Big Lebowski

One of the curses of being obsessed with building great products is you start to see parallels everywhere. For me, that means I start to see insights into building great products in my favorite movies. Here are a few from the Dude and his compadres.

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How to get your subscribers to help you grow your email list

When the average email list churns 25-30% year-over-year, finding ways to keep yours on the uptick can feel like an impossible task.

You don’t want to be too intrusive or annoy your casual website visitors by asking them to sign up over and over again. At the same time, you know that someone inviting you into their inbox propels them way further down the path to conversion – plus, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to nurture them into repeat customers. So what do you do?

Leverage the audience you already have! One of the great things about your current subscribers is that they’re already connected with other, like-minded individuals who might be interested in your brand. So by involving your audience in your list growth efforts, you won’t just attract new subscribers – you’ll attract the right kind of subscribers.

Not sure where to start? Here are four simple ways to leverage your current audience and grow your email list like never before.

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Ask Logan: What should designers know about Gmail’s updates?

You may have recently seen an announcement from Gmail promising better emails tailored for all your devices. Here’s what that means.

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3 risky tactics to try in your next email

The best email marketing? It isn’t for the faint of heart, guys.

Sure, sticking to tried-and-true strategies is a popular (and safe) choice. But sometimes, it’s worth taking a big risk for the chance to reap some even bigger rewards. If you’re feeling courageous, here are three risky – but potentially rewarding – strategies to try out in your next campaign.

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