How to use negative online reviews to increase revenue

Guest post from the experts at ReviewTrackers

Believe it or not, negative online reviews can actually be really good for your business. Here are 4 ways you can leverage negative reviews to deliver positive results. 

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

7 marketing trends to prepare for in 2016

60% of the time, we're right every time

’Tis the season when we ask some smart Emma staffers to crack open their marketing fortune cookies and tell us what to look out for in 2016. Here’s what they had to say.

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How dynamic content makes this marketer’s life so much easier

What we learned from the Nashville Ballet

Nashville’s Nutcracker is huge undertaking, with more than 200 dancers per performance. Coordinating so many cast members and getting them the information they need can be an extremely complicated task, but thankfully, the Ballet’s Director of Sales and Marketing Jan Morrison found the perfect solution getting the the right messages out to the right people: dynamic content.

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What Star Wars taught us about email marketing

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is unavoidable, so we couldn’t help but think about our own work in terms of the saga and its many beloved characters. What email marketing strategy would Han Solo be? What about Yoda? (We didn’t bother with Jar Jar, because you’re welcome.)

So without further ado, here are the results of our thought experiment: If Star Wars characters were email marketing strategies, which one would each character be?

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9 re-engagement emails that won us over for good

Turning “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together” into “You Belong With Me"

By sending your inactive subscribers a re-engagement email, you’ll not only see who’s still interested in your brand – you may even generate some immediate sales! So for inspiration, here are a few awesome ways different brands have approached the re-engagement email.

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3 tips for effective online fundraising in 2016

Here are three simple ways nonprofits can do more effective online fundraising, exceed donation goals, and focus more on the things that truly matter in 2016.

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A simple email strategy that drove phenomenal holiday sales

Volunteer Traditions took the time to learn about their audience and stay current on the latest email marketing best practices – a potent one-two combo that led to some seriously impressive results.

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13 Cyber Monday emails that absolutely blew us away

This is the true A-Team of this year's Cyber Monday: the brands that, despite their competitors' best efforts and the sheer volume of it all, managed to win us over with incredible emails. Read on to see the best of the best from the holiday weekend, along with the strategies that made them stand out in a stuffed-to-the-brim inbox.


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Emma 25 spotlight: Walk Bike Nashville

We recently got the opportunity to chat with Nora Kern, the Executive Director of one of our past Emma 25 winners – a local nonprofit called Walk Bike Nashville. Here’s a look at what they’re all about, the awesome work they’re doing, and how a free Emma account has helped make their jobs a little bit easier.

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6 clever examples of “oops!” emails

Whether it’s due to complicated tech issues or just plain ol’ human error, marketers are bound to make a mistake every once in awhile. And during the holidays – when your send volume and website traffic hit an all-time high – it’s even more likely that an accident will happen.

But no worries, friends: No matter how glaring your error may be, your customers will forgive you – especially if you handle your mistakes gracefully, apologetically, and with a little bit of humor. So one of the best ways to gain back customer loyalty and trust is through a clever “oops” email.

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