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5 emails you should plan to send this fall

Line up your seasonal email marketing strategy now and rake in the ROI

If you’re anything like me, the sudden arrival of pumpkin-flavored beer in grocery stores and piles of Halloween decorations on the shelves of Michael's these past few weeks may have rubbed you the wrong way.

Don’t get me wrong: I love fall and all of the wonderful things that come with it. But fully embracing the season before Labor Day feels a bit premature… right?

When it comes to your marketing strategy, maybe not. Nailing these next few months is crucial for anyone working in retail, higher ed, the nonprofit sector – you name it. Considering the stakes, it’s really never too early to plan your fall campaigns. So what are the most important dates and messages to consider? Get your calendar and your pencil ready, folks.

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With Emma, you're in good company. Meet our Customers.

How to do your best fundraising this fall

Whether you work in the nonprofit or university development space, solid fundraising is absolutely essential to hitting your goals as an organization.

Luckily, the fall is the perfect time to ramp up your efforts, make up for a slow summer, and do your best fundraising ever. After all, what brings out generous spirits better than the holidays? And who doesn’t get nostalgic about their college years during Homecoming and football season?

Good fundraising is all about great storytelling, so to attract the right donors these next few months, you’ll need to tell a compelling story about why your cause matters, why people should get involved, and how their contribution will make a real impact. Here are three quick and easy ways to do just that.

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3 things people hate most about email

Email may be marketing’s most effective channel, but that doesn’t mean you can just blindly hit “send” and expect magic to happen.

When you hear “bad email marketing,” it isn’t difficult to conjure up an image of what it looks like: A spammy subject line like “WORK FROM HOME, EARN $$,” a two-three sentence description riddled with grammatical errors, and no CTA to be found. But bad email can also be a much subtler beast.

To help eradicate bad email once and for all, here are three things people hate most about email – and what you can do to make sure yours doesn’t fit the bill.

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How great marketing can change the world

Of all the fantastic sessions at Marketing United 2016, Scott Harrison’s was by far the most memorable. A newcomer to the MU stage, his presentation was unlike any other we’ve experienced at a marketing conference: Rather than laying out email design best practices or talking SEO, he simply shared how charity: water came to be.

For Scott’s powerful account of his time as a New York City club promoter, his first experience encountering the global water crisis, and his heart-wrenching anecdotes about the people he met along the way, we highly recommend watching his full talk.

But here, we wanted to focus on one specific topic he covered: How creative branding helped charity: water capture public attention and truly make a difference in the world.

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4 proven strategies that scored huge results for our customers

Not to brag (ok, maybe to brag a little bit)…. but we have some crazy smart customers. Some of the best marketers in the industry claim Emma as their ESP of choice, and we couldn’t be more proud of the fantastic work they’re doing. It’s been a while since we’ve shared their success stories on the blog, so take a look at these four Emma customers and the tactics they've used to achieve some seriously impressive results.

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Subject line remix

If you haven’t noticed yet, we LOVE (think watching-videos-of-corgi-puppies levels of love) talking about subject lines.

The unhealthy obsession stems from a couple of different things: First of all, your subject line is the gatekeeper to your email. If it doesn’t do the trick with your audience, nothing within the body of your email matters because no one will ever see it. Secondly, watching brands come up with creative new ways to capture attention in the inbox is our favorite spectator sport – especially if they do something we’ve never seen before.

Here are six subject lines that defy conventional wisdom, but made us open anyway. You’ll never know what works best for your brand until you try it out on your audience, so learn from these guys and go big and bold. Just remember to A/B test everything for minimal damage to your open rates!

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5 remarkably effective email personalization tactics

According to a study from Adestra, a whopping 96% of organizations believe that personalization can improve email marketing performance and conversions. But we’re not talking about simply sticking your recipient’s first name in a subject line and calling it a day. Instead, try these 5 remarkably effective personalization tactics to ensure each and every one of your customers gets treated like – and eventually becomes – a regular.

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Staffer Q&A with Services Manager Emma Mathews

In our new series, Staffer Q&A, we sit down with Emma staffers, interview-style, to find out the "who" behind Emma, get a sneak peek into new features and integrations they're working on, and, of course, what they do when they're not at work.

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Answers to your most common email questions

Emma Mathews, Services Manager here at Emma, works alongside her team to help our customers get better results as fast as possible. That means everything from giving smart strategic advice to designing show-stopping campaigns to implementing custom integrations – whatever you need, the Services Team has your back. Here are a few of the most common questions she hears on the job (our Emma FAQ, if you will), along with some of the wisdom she regularly dishes out as one of our in-house email experts.

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