5 questions with Warby Parker’s Brian Magida

As director of digital marketing at Warby Parker, Brian Magida oversees all performance-based marketing initiatives, from paid search to television (and everything in between) for the groundbreaking glasses designer and retailer. As lovers of amazing brand stories and stylish glasses (duh), we can’t wait to hear Brian tell the Warby Parker story at Marketing United. We recently caught up with Brian to get a taste of what he'll be talking about and not-so-subtly hit him up for some new frames for Emma. 

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The Brainiac Guide to Welcome Email Automation

Grow your list from anywhere with Guestbook 1.1

How our customers helped us make our email signup app even better

We created Guestbook, our signup form iPad app, to make it easier for customers to grow their lists from brick & mortar locations or at events, conferences and trade shows. We’re happy to report that many of our customers love using Guestbook, and they also love giving us feedback, ideas and new ways we can make it better. We took that feedback to heart, and we're excited to release Guestbook 1.1!

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Why we’re hosting Marketing United

Go behind the scenes of our first-ever marketing conference

It’s a huge leap to go from the idea of “Wouldn’t it be cool if we hosted our own conference?” to the reality of  “We’re hosting our own conference this April, and you all should totally come.”

So I caught up with our VP of Marketing Grey Garner to talk about how we got here, why we decided to host Marketing United and what sets it apart from all the other marketing conferences out there.

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5 questions with Ann Handley

As the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and best-selling author of Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, Ann has inspired and helped countless marketing pros get better at what they do. That's why she was one of our first calls when it came to finding experts to speak at Marketing United. And after reading this quick interview, you'll see why we're so excited to have her.

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Q&A from our Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Email List webinar

Christopher and I had a blast sharing email list growth tips during the Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Email List webinar. Here’s a link to the recording (login required) in case you missed it. Big thanks to MarketingProfs for not only hosting us, but also for sending us all the questions we couldn’t get to during the Q&A. So, we thought we’d grab a handful of the best ones and answer them here on the blog.

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Q&A with Jay Baer, best-selling author of Youtility

We’re super excited to have Jay Baer, best-selling author of Youtility and founder of Convince & Convert, as one of the keynote speakers for Marketing United. So excited in fact that we couldn’t wait until April to start firing marketing questions at him.

And Jay was good enough to fire back with this video. He gives a sneak peek of his keynote at Marketing United, shares his thoughts on the big digital marketing conversations happening in 2015 and reveals the one thing you need to try when visiting Nashville.

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Emma Social recap: The Confess Your Love edition

A roundup of links we loved this week

In the spirit of the holiday, we feel compelled to confess our love for the following things.

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Download our free guide to growing a better email list

A thriving email list is at the heart of any successful and profitable email marketing program. After all, a beautifully designed mailing with award-winning copy offering the deal of the century is awfully lonely if there’s no one on the other end to receive it. This guide will show you how to get more of the right subscribers to give it some company. We joined forces with our friends and list growth experts at SumoMe and Digioh and came up with 18 easy-to-implement strategies for growing a quality email list.

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Top 10 reasons to attend Marketing United

Before we dive into why you should attend Marketing United, let me first tell you what it is. Marketing United is a marketing conference (hosted by us!) that brings together some of the smartest minds in the industry to provide tons of inspiration, creative ideas and practical takeaways to improve your marketing. It takes place April 29 – May 1, 2015 right in the heart of downtown Nashville, so hey, we’ll have a little fun while we’re at it.

Now for the “why you should attend” part. Here are 10 reasons we’re calling Marketing United a must-attend event for modern marketers.

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